Mumbai: Colonel chases and nabs burglar at Colaba home

Mar 14, 2017, 14:22 IST | Anurag Kamble

While nothing was stolen from the officer's home, cops are trying to find out how culprit managed to enter the restricted cantonment area of Navy Nagar

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A 32-year-old man's plans to burgle an Army officer's home in the heavily guarded Navy Nagar area on Sunday went awry after the latter caught him in the building's parking lot.

The man has been identified as Bipin More and arrested by the Cuffe Parade police.

While nothing was stolen from the colonel's house, the cops are investigating how More managed to enter the restricted area.

Quick cut job
Around 12.30 am on Sunday, the colonel, who resides on the first floor of the Menaka building in Navy Nagar, heard someone cutting something. He came to his living room, saw the window open and heard someone jumping off. The colonel switched on the lights and found out that more than half of the mosquito net had been torn into.

On realising that his flat had been broken into, he grabbed a torch and went downstairs to alert the security guard.

In the parking lot
When the guard started searching for the intruder, the colonel went and stood below the window from where the suspected thief had jumped off.

"When I searched around I suspected that the thief must not have gone out of the building premises. I felt some movement near parking lot and went there, followed by security personnel," he said.

The colonel and security guard questioned the man, who told them that he's a local and is waiting for someone. When the colonel grilled him and asked who he was waiting for, the man couldn't answer.

"His clothes were dirty, probably because he climbed down the building through the sewage pipe. The colonel nabbed him and informed army security, who brought him to the police station" said an officer. Accused More is a resident of Ganeshmurti Nagar, Cuffe Parade and works as a sweeper.

How did he enter?
"The building is in a restricted area and one cannot enter it without prior permission. We are investigating how he entered the area or if he has any fake ID.

Security threat
More was arrested at 3 am on Monday and has been booked under sections 457 (house breaking at night in order to commit offence), 380 (theft in dwelling, house), 511 (attempt to commit offence punishable with imprisonment for life or other imprisonment) of the Indian Penal Code," said another officer.

More was taken to the holiday court that remanded him in police custody.

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