Mumbai: Flying pan that hurt schoolgirl could only have come from 2 flats

Apr 20, 2017, 04:20 IST | Anurag Kamble

20 days after the incident, the Nagpada police has zeroed in on two apartments where the tawa likely fell from and critically injured the 8-year-old Haziqa Ansari

Haziqa Ansari

Over a fortnight after a flying pan hit an 8-year-old on the head and landed her in hospital in a critical condition, the Nagpada cops have zeroed in on two apartments in a 22-storey building from where the utensil may have fallen.

Haziqa Ansari was on her way home from tuition class on the morning of March 31, when a frying pan fell from the highrise Danish Villa and crashed on her head. After battling for her life for nearly 20 days, Haziqa was operated on by neurosurgeon Dr Keki Turel at Bombay Hospital on Saturday. Her condition remains serious, but is finally stable.

Cops have interrogated more than 50 people so far, including local domestic help and residents to try and figure out which flat the tawa fell from.

Nagpada Police had registered a case against unidentified persons under IPC Section 338 (causing grievous injury). "Since the incident we have interrogated more than 50 people and registered their statements. We questioned residents from Danish Villa, particularly those whose flats face Ghelabai Street. All the residents and servants have been questioned," said an officer close to the probe.

Haziqa's father had earlier appealed to the residents to confess, offering to withdraw the complaint in return. "Though nobody confessed to dropping the tawa from their flat, we have managed to zero in on two suspected flats from where it must have fallen," said another officer. "The tawa weighs around 2.5 kg and is oval in shape. We used fingerprint analysis as well, but many passers-by had handled the tawa after the incident, making it difficult to single out a particular set of prints," said the officer.

'No humanity left'
"Since the time of incident, nobody from my family has slept properly. We want to take Haziqa home as soon as possible — which father can see his child battling for her life?" said Faisan Ansari. "I had urged people, through various mediums, that rather than making cops zero in on the culprit, they should come forward themselves and confess, but I guess there is no humanity left" he added.

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