Mumbai: Girl made up gang rape story to teach her friend a lesson

Jul 10, 2017, 08:30 IST | Samiullah Khan

20-year-old college student confesses to cooking up the story of rape in a moving car at Charkop, so that her friend would be questioned and 'harassed' by the police

Fake rape story

The police have found that the incident of gang rape in a moving car near Charkop was concocted by the complainant, to teach a lesson to her friend who had abused her mother. She wanted her to be harassed by the police, who would have obviously questioned her in the case.

The 20-year-old college girl had gone to Charkop police station on Thursday and claimed that she was kidnapped and raped by three men in a moving car. She told the police that on Thursday morning when she was on her way to college, an Ecco car stopped in front of her and they had dragged her inside it. She also claimed she was thrown out of the car near Aksa beach, after her limbs were tied with rope.

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Checked CCTVs
Eight teams were formed to probe the incident. One questioned the girl, another got technical data including details of the girl's journey from Charkop to Aksa beach.

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"First we started checking at the place where she was allegedly dragged into the Ecco car. All the CCTV footage checked by us didn't have any such car in it. The girl had taken an auto to reach Marve," said an officer. "We got the number of the autos in which she travelled from Charkop to Marve, and later from INS Hamla to Charkop. We brought the auto drivers to identify the girl," the officer added. The auto drivers identified the girl and said she had taken the ride alone.

She confessed
According to the technical analysis, the police found the girl was at Marve beach while she claimed that she was thrown out of the car near Aksa Beach. "All the claims made by the girl were cross-checked, and all appeared to be fake. We again started questioning the girl, and she confessed she did this to teach a friend a lesson," said another officer.

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"There was a fight between the complainant and her friend. The friend abused the complainant by taking her mother's name. This enraged her and she decided to teach a lesson to this friend," said the officer.

The girl has been let off with a warning.

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