Mumbai: Parents demand more authority in school PTAs

May 20, 2017, 13:23 IST | Silky Sharma

Parents' representatives who are part of a committee that decides on modifications in the Fee Regulation Act, also suggested several changes in it that would benefit them

Power to the parents, is their message to the state education department, regarding the Parents' Teachers' Association and the Fee Regulation Act. Parents who are part of a committee, that will decide changes in the FRA, stressed on this at a meeting with school representatives and officials from the education department yesterday.

Firstly, they have demanded that the number of parents be increased in a PTA executive body, and that the education department supervise its elections.

Benefits for parents
The group of parents also suggested several changes in the FRA that could benefit them. "We have also demanded that parents' rights and the rules and regulations of the school be updated on the education department's website.

Also, schools should submit their previous academic year's budget to the education department, and after that they can propose a fee hike to the PTA executive," said Sunil Chaudhari, a parents' representative in the committee.

But while various suggestions were made by the parents, the school representatives did not make any. Some just wanted the implementation of the FRA to be firm.

School reps quiet
"The FRA should be enforced by the education department properly," said Rustom Kerawalla, director of Vibgyor High school, a school representative.

"The meeting was really positive. We did not discuss any changes in the fee regulation act from the school perspective. We believe that this time the government will come up with balanced and unbiased changes in the act," said Jesus Lall, director of the Universal High school.

A member of the committee said that the state education department will come up with a portal where parents and school authorities could give their suggestions and objections about the FRA.

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