Mumbai: Water crisis hits milk production in Aarey Colony

Sep 09, 2017, 08:42 IST | Ranjeet Jadhav

Even after 10 days of rainwater damaging the pipe supplying water to the cattle sheds, nothing has been done to repair it

The pipe that supplies water to Aarey's cattle sheds was damaged by rainwater 

The owners of the cattle sheds at Aarey Milk Colony are a harried lot. Reason: Heavy rains that lashed the city last week damaged the pipe near Powai, which supplied water to the sheds, and even after 10 days nothing has been done to repair it. Left with no option, the owners are spending R2,000 everyday to get water through a private tanker. Some of them mentioned that the water crisis was affecting milk production.

The owner of a cattle shed, Imran U, who has 50 buffaloes, said, "On an average, the daily milk production in Aarey is 400 litres, but due to the water crisis, it has decreased by 15-20 litres. If the problem continues then the buffaloes will become sick and that is dangerous for our business."

Mohammad Faroq Munshi, who has a cattle shed, told mid-day, "Water is the biggest requirement of our daily work. It is not only used for bathing the buffaloes before milking them, but is also used to keep the sheds clean. It's been more than 10 days now that the pipe was damaged by rainwater. Apart from spending R2,000-3,000 everyday to get water through a tanker, we are also facing loses as the milk production has gone down."

Cattle owners have not been able to maintain proper hygiene inside the sheds due to the water crisis. Pic/ PradeepDhivar 

When contacted, Nathu Rathod, Aarey CEO, said, "We are aware of the inconvenience the cattle owners are facing due to the water crisis. The public works department officials dealing with water supply have been informed about it and the pipe's repair work has already started."

All in one

About 360 cattle sheds in Aarey Milk Colony houses nearly 17,000 buffaloes. Each shed has an ancillary building, which has a hay godown, chaff-cutting sheds, calving lines and quarters for the owner and his staff.

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