Mumbai: 105-yr-old undergoes cataract surgery to watch saas-bahu shows again

Jan 16, 2015, 13:11 IST | Sadaguru Pandit

Despite possible complications that could have arisen due to her age, the centenarian underwent a smooth procedure at Sion-based medical centre that operated on her free of charge

A 105-year-old woman became the second oldest person in the city to successfully undergo a cataract surgery this week, after she complained that loss of vision in her left eye had left her unable to enjoy the saas-bahu television serials she was accustomed to.

After the operation, 105-year-old Rampyari is now looking forward to getting back to her favourite television serials in a week’s time
After the operation, 105-year-old Rampyari is now looking forward to getting back to her favourite television serials in a week’s time

Despite Rampyari Gupta’s advanced age, and the various possible complications that could have arisen because of it, doctors at the Sion-based Sri Shanmukhananda Jasubhai R K Shah Medical Centre pulled off the procedure without any issues, and even waived all medical charges for the treatment.

On the morning of January 12, the centenarian visited the hospital, accompanied by her son Ranjit and her granddaughter Mansi. “Granny complained that she wasn’t able to watch her favourite saas-bahu serials, hence we got her eye operated. Now she is happy that she can get back to her television serial routine without any hassle,” said her 15-year-old granddaughter.

Déjà vu
From the hospital’s perspective, it was not the first time they were treating a patient aged over 100 years. This paper had reported last year that a 108-year-old woman, Latifabi Khan was the oldest person to undergo the procedure, operated on by the same ophthalmologist, Dr Meghali Bhattacharjee (‘108-year-old woman from Andhra Pradesh undergoes cataract surgery in Mumbai’, mid-day, April 5, 2014).

“It was only last year that we had operated on Latifabi Khan who was 108 years old. Hence we were aware about the probable complications. Surprisingly, both the ladies were in spectacular health, and were fit to be operated on when they approached us,” said Dr Bhattacharjee.

However, the hospital still conducted a series of medical tests to ensure that Rampyari was indeed ready. “We did an ECG and couple of other tests and she was checked by our anaesthetist. Her health parameters were about perfect, hence we decided to go ahead with the operation,” said Bhattacharjee, adding that although the procedure had taken slightly longer than usual, it was only to ensure a smooth conclusion.

The hospital confirmed that after the operation, Rampyari could read the first three lines of the vision chart, much improved from her 6/24 vision before the operation. To add to the family’s joy, the hospital waived all charges for the operation, in consideration of Rampyari’s age and her family’s modest financial background. “It is our duty to attend to the ailments of senior citizens. We didn’t feel it was right to charge her,” said a hospital official.

Rampyari seemed elated after the operation and is now looking forward to some quality time with the telly. “I love watching television shows and I was missing out on my favourite serials. But now the doctor says I can watch TV again in a week or so,” she said.

2nd operation

Rampyari’s family said her right eye had been operated some 15 years ago. Later, she began complaining about loss of vision in her left eye as well, but refused to undergo another operation initially. “I am too old to bother my family with my vision problems. But they still understood and got me operated, and now I can see better,” she said.

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