Mumbai: 3 days after she lost her baby, fan falls on woman at KEM

Mar 30, 2015, 07:03 IST | Sadaguru Pandit

Sheila Jaiswal (36) had to undergo an abortion due to diabetes-related complications on March 26 and was supposed to be discharged yesterday, when the still-rotating fan landed on her head

Having lost a baby because of diabetes-related complications just three days ago, all that 36-year-old Sheila Jaiswal wanted was to get proper treatment and be able to go home soon. Little did she know, however, that the shabby infrastructure at KEM Hospital was going to pile on to her woes just as she was about to be discharged.

Sheila Jaiswal had to get eight stitches on her forehead.
Sheila Jaiswal had to get eight stitches on her forehead. (Right) The mount where the fan used to be

At 7 am yesterday, the ceiling fan above Jaiswal’s bed fell right on her head as she was talking to another patient, causing a severe injury. A medico-legal case (MLC) has been filed at Bhoiwada police station and doctors say that Jaiswal had to get eight stitches, but her condition is stable.

Jaiswal was admitted to the hospital — considered one of the best tertiary-care medical units in the city — on March 15, after she began suffering from diabetes and high blood-related complications in her first pregnancy. Her child had to be aborted on March 26 and diabetes, blood pressure and breathlessness began taking a toll on her body, making doctors shift her to ward 4A, the women’s general ward.

Early in the morning yesterday, Jaiswal, who had been allotted bed 12 of the ward, was speaking to a patient on the bed next to hers when the ceiling fan, right above her bed, broke loose from its mount. It was still rotating as it fell and one of its blades hit Jaiswal’s forehead, resulting in a severe injury.

The attending nurses immediately informed doctors and Jaiswal was shifted to a different bed in the same ward, where she is being treated for the new injury that has added to the stress of the family.

“The family was under a lot of stress after we lost the baby. She herself was facing numerous complications, leading to the abortion and stress. Now, this new injury has just added to the problems. It is utterly irresponsible on the part of the hospital to not maintain the infrastructure,” said Jaiswal’s sister, Sadhna.

“My wife got eight stitches across her forehead. She was supposed to be discharged today (Sunday) and doctors were just waiting for the paperwork to come through. Also, though her treatment was done free of charge, we had to pay for the medication, which the hospital was supposed to have paid for,” said Jaiswal’s husband, Mahadev.

The doctors of the hospital informed Bhoiwada police station, under whose jurisdiction the area falls, which then registered an MLC. The police are investigating if there was negligence on anybody’s part.

The other side

Speaking to mid-day, Dr Avinash Supe, dean, KEM Hospital, said, “The building which houses the hospital is a heritage structure and it is being renovated in four phases, two of which are already complete. Renovation of the particular building where the incident took place is going to be taken up in the next phase. After this incident, however, we will check on all the fans and other fixtures in the ward.”“Jaiswal had to undergo an abortion on March 26. She was supposed to be discharged on Sunday, and we were waiting for her cardiac MRI report. We will make sure that such incidents aren’t repeated,” he added.

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