Mumbai: 55-yr-old snatches burglar's knife, locks herself in bathroom

Aug 20, 2015, 06:47 IST | Samiullah Khan

Woman was alone in the house when attacker barged in after asking for glass of water; he was seen on CCTV entering building with a woman who had recently befriended victim’s daughter

A 55-year-old woman managed to save herself from an attacker, by grabbing his knife, and locking herself in the bathroom of her house in Kandivli, on Tuesday evening. She had been alone in the house when the man entered asking for water, after claiming to be a bank employee.

Laxmi Das was rushed to Shatabdi Hospital for treatment, as she had lost a lot of blood
Laxmi Das was rushed to Shatabdi Hospital for treatment, as she had lost a lot of blood

Police have detained a woman who was seen entering the building with him, on CCTV footage. The woman had recently befriended the victim’s daughter. The incident occurred at around 5 pm on Tuesday at Malwani Moreshwar cooperative housing society in Kandivli West, under the jurisdiction of Charkop police station.

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Laxmi Premlal Das was alone when a man in his 30s came to the flat and introduced himself as a banker. When Das said that no one who could speak to him was home, he asked for a glass of water. Police said when Das turned to bring the water, he barged into the house.

He held her head and banged it against a wall. The man then pushed her on to the floor and put a piece of cloth into her mouth. After snatching her gold earnings, gold chain and bangles, he pulled out a knife and tried to stab her. Police said in order to defend herself, Das caught the knife with her hands injuring herself, and managed to push him away.

She immediately ran towards the bathroom and locked herself inside. The man then took jewellery and cash from a cupboard. When he left the premises, he had changed clothes. Police recovered his blood stained clothes from Das’ flat.

Das resides with her daughter Rina Das and eight-year-old grandson. Rina works in a company located in Goregaon, and when the incident occurred she was in her office. Das’ grandson had gone downstairs to play. It was he who came home to see it locked and heard her scream for help.

Friend is suspect
Police have acquired CCTV footage in which the man was seen entering the building with a woman. Police said Rina had befriended a woman about 3 months back, near her office. On August 15, she saw this woman, who had said her name was Priya, near her house. Police said Rina invited her home and they had tea.

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After this, Priya visited her home again. Rina has told police that on Tuesday, she called her and asked her if she was home. Rina had told her that she was in office. Rina later identified her in the footage. The police have detained Priya.

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