Mumbai: 7-year-old collapses in school, dies

Jul 05, 2016, 10:01 IST | A Correspondent

A Std I student of the Canossa Primary school in Mahim died on Monday morning

A Std I student of the Canossa Primary school in Mahim died on Monday morning. The 7-year-old girl collapsed in the school corridor at around 8 am just before the assembly, and was immediately taken to Hinduja Hospital where she died at 10.45 am.

Doctors have recorded the cause of death as natural, so there is no Accidental Death Report registered by police, who were informed about the incident. The girl, Iqra Shoaib, was a resident of Mahim and had just joined the school. Police said she started having problems while breathing and suddenly collapsed.

The principal of the school, Connie Rodrigues said, “The academic year has just begun after school reopened from summer-break on June 15. She was a Std I student. We are not aware of any medical history of the child if any. She suddenly collapsed in the corridor. Immediately she was taken to hospital and her parents were also informed. It is really shocking and an unfortunate incident.”

The school will remain closed on Tuesday. Police Inspector Manohar Dhanawade from the Mahim Police Station said, “There is no registration of ADR as doctors have recorded a natural death. There is no complaint by the parents either.” After the incident, there were several messages doing the rounds among parents anticipating the different reasons of death.

“There were messages such as the girl had an epileptic attack or asthma attack etc. But those were just rumours doing the rounds on social media, as the incident had soon become the topic of discussion in the school circle,” said one of the parents who did not wish to be named.

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