Mumbai: 71-yr-old harassed with demands for free puppies

Updated: Jan 25, 2015, 09:40 IST | Saurabh Vaktania |

After a fake ad offering free puppies was posted online with his name and contact details, this veterinarian would get over 50 calls a day; dog lovers even visited his home looking for pups

It was for a life of peace and quiet that Dr D Nimje (in pic), a 71-year-old veterinarian , had decided to retire from his practice at a state-run hospital. However, for the past few months, Nimje has had very little peace, with his phone ringing off the hook constantly.

Dr D Nimje
Dr D Nimje

It all started with a fake online advert that said Nimje was offering free puppies of various breeds. Since that ad was posted in October, he has received more than 50 calls a day from aspiring pet owners. There is just one problem – Nimje doesn’t have any puppies.

“After retirement I used to live a very peaceful life. On the evening of October 14, I was at home when I got call from a person calling about some advertisement, asking when he could come and collect the puppies. I was shocked as I had not posted any such ad,” said Nimje.

However, when he explained this to the caller, things turned nasty. “The person on phone screamed at me saying ‘if you don’t have any puppies then why did you post an ad to harass people’,” Nimje recalled. Ironically, this was the start to weeks of harassment for Nimje himself, as he would get calls through the day and night, while a few people even turned up at his home for the fictional puppies.

“One evening, a person reached my home and started asking for the puppies. I explained that someone had posted a fake ad. The person started arguing with me and was about to assault me. But I alerted my neighbour and the watchman and was saved. I was harassed so badly, had someone else been in my place, he would have had a heart attack,” he said.

Nimje, who resides in Wadala with his wife, realised that someone had probably posted the ad in his name as a prank. He decided to approach the police for help, but was asked to go to the cyber crime department instead.

After instructions from the cyber crime department, the ad was finally taken down in November, and the calls trickled to a stop on December 22. Still upset from the episode, however, Nimje was adamant that the police should look into the case, especially since a similar incident had taken place two years ago, when he was harassed for yet another fake advert.

Nimje himself has no idea who might have posted the advertisement, but suspects it was someone who knew he was a vet and would have access to puppies.

“I want action to be taken but the Wadala TT cops and the cyber crime police are still not investigating the matter. My whole life is ruined and I am always in fear that the calls will begin again, or that someone will come and attack me in my home. I need peace at this age,” said Nimje.

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