Mumbai airport on alert over bomb threat on Valentine's Day

Feb 13, 2017, 08:35 IST | Suraj Ojha

On Friday, DCP Virendra Mishra (Zone VIII) received a call from a Chembur resident, who said his friend had overheard two foreigners talking about a bomb attack on a Mum-London flight

Illustration/ Ravi Jadhav
Illustration/ Ravi Jadhav

The police are doing everything they can to ensure that this Valentine’s Day, there will be no bang - of the dangerous kind, that is. The city police have been on alert ever since they got a call about a bomb threat on February 14.

On Friday, Deputy Commissioner of Police Virendra Mishra (Zone VIII) received a call from Chembur resident Harshvardhan Ranshivre, who said his friend had overheard two foreigners talking about a bomb attack on a flight. This friend, Swapnil, was in London at the time, and he overheard the conversation during a Tube ride. Two foreigners sitting beside him were discussing something, out which Swapnil caught just one line – “14th February Mumbai-London flight bomb.”

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On hearing this, the DCP informed the Mumbai Police main control room of the possible threat and security has been increased at Mumbai airport. The international airport comes under the Sahar police, who are already verifying the information.

The Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) is also trying to verify the tip-off through their informers. In the meanwhile, cops are collecting information on all passengers who will be flying to London on February 14.

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The police are yet to confirm whether this is a hoax. Police sources said, “We are trying to contact Swapnil, who is in London. We are also taking help from the airport authorities to gather information on passengers travelling from Mumbai to London.”

mid-day contacted Harshvardhan, but he refused to comment on the matter.

Meanwhile, on the same day, Mumbai Police received another call from the Haryana control room with a second warning of a bomb attack. The Haryana control room had received a call from Gurgaon resident Rahul Tiwari, who told them about an unknown caller who called him saying “Bumbai me blast karenge”. The caller had allegedly said the blast would occur on a Friday, but did not specify which Friday.

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