Mumbai: Airports Authority's Dahisar land is a hub for drug addicts, prostitutes

Apr 30, 2014, 08:30 IST | Neha LM Tripathi

Authorities to deploy CISF personnel after staffers complain of drug addicts, goons and pimps exploiting the 63-acre plot, which has a receiving station

In its bid to curb anti-social activities occurring on its property along the Western Express Highway in Dahisar, the Airports Authority of India (AAI) has decided to construct roads along the periphery of the 63-acre plot for efficient patrolling by the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) personnel.

Once the road is ready in the coming 3-4 months, CISF would be able to patrol it better. Pics/Nimesh Dave
Once the road is ready in the coming 3-4 months, CISF would be able to patrol it better. Pics/Nimesh Dave

The AAI deputed an officer to man the receiving station since it restarted in 2006, 12 years after it was shut down in 1994. The station was reopened due to the increasing workload and its location, far from human habitat, which would aid better reception.

When this correspondent visited the property, she witnessed that certain parts of it had been encroached upon, giving easy access to the restricted area. An officer, requesting anonymity, said that gate no 2 had become a haven for addicts. He even claimed that a prostitution racket was being operated from the property.

One of the staffers said, “Encroachers have easy access to the property, which helps them in carrying out anti-social activities. Keeping this in mind, the AAI authorities have decided to deploy CISF personnel to guard the property.

The ground levelling work began three months ago and the road would be ready in the next three to four months.” An AAI official claimed that local goons often have liquor parties on the property at night after threatening the security guards.

Confirming the construction of roads, AAI general manager A K Sharma said, “There are a lot of problems caused by the encroachers. We are hoping that the roads along the perimeter will improve the situation.”

On being asked about the deployment of CISF personnel on the property, Sharma said that no such decision was taken and the AAI was contemplating how to beef up the security arrangements.

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