Mumbai: Alert citizen tails chain snatcher, reports number of getaway auto

Apr 06, 2013, 09:09 IST | Shiva Devnath

Geeta Aranha chased the man who snatched her neighbour's chain while she was out for a stroll and reported the number of the rickshaw the accused fled in; cops detain one

The presence of mind of an alert citizen helped the police to get closer to solving a chain snatching case yesterday. The incident occurred on Thursday around 4.30 pm when 63-year-old Blaisey D’souza was out for a stroll at IC Colony in Borivli.

Geeta Aranha (left) recalls the incident with Blaisey D’souza, whose chain was snatched near IC Colony in Borivli. Pic/Nayan Sahane

The accused sneaked up on the senior citizen from behind, snatched her chain and ran away. D’souza’s neighbour Geeta Aranha witnessed the incident and immediately started chasing the thief. The accused then sat in a rickshaw and fled the area. Geeta saw the number plate and informed a policeman at MHB police station, who contacted the control room and filed an FIR within 15 minutes to start investigation immediately.

D’souza said that the accused grabbed her neck to get hold of the chain, in turn bruising her. “I can’t thank Geeta enough for chasing the accused and noting down the rickshaw number,” added D’souza.“The moment I saw the man snatching the chain, I started chasing him. Finally when he was getting away in the rickshaw, I noted down the number plate and reported it to the police,” said Geeta. The police traced the rickshaw to Aarey Colony and have detained a man. “We will nab the culprit very soon thanks to Geeta’s alertness,” said S B Kilje, senior police inspector from MHB police station. 

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