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Aug 05, 2014, 07:46 IST | Malavika Sangghvi

“Met up with old friends last night at a friend’s birthday and this picture is a result of years of friendship

“Met up with old friends last night at a friend’s birthday and this picture is a result of years of friendship. I have known all more than 20 to even 30 years,” said the statuesque jewellery designer, our friend Farah Khan Ali about this gathering of beauties.

“It was a friends birthday,” she said, “that coincided with Friendship’s Day.” So without further ado, and to shine the spotlight on some very leggy ladies (and a very lucky man) are from left to right is: Ramona Narang, Prerna Goel, Roohi Jaikishan, Bonnie Bulchandani, Anju Chulani, Farhad Taraporewala, Farah Khan Ali and Lata Patel.

Style over safety?
“I’ve just come from the Kala Ghoda café-they have a delicious ‘Soy Cappuccino,’” we recall our friend, the urbane and attractive publisher Padmini Mirchandani, telling us sometime in April.

Which is why when we heard about the unfortunate sequence of events that transpired between Mirchandani and the Kala Ghoda café, that handkerchief sized charming café, we were dismayed.

Padmini Mirchandani with daughters Pooja and Priyanka
Padmini Mirchandani with daughters Pooja and Priyanka

“On June 9 I visited the cafe with my two daughters and cousin. The cafe was full and we had to wait for 10 minutes before a table became free. This seating was at the mezzanine level, which has one table. This was not our first choice of seating but we had no option, as no other table downstairs was free.

The only way to access this mezzanine level is by a near-vertical, extremely narrow ladder. The steps of this ladder are very short and it is impossible to climb without twisting your body and climbing up or down sideways. There are two short handlebars on the wall (left side when climbing up) and no handlebars for support on the right side.

When I was climbing down, I slipped from the second step all the way to the floor. It’s about 10-12 steps. I fell backwards and slipped down my back, hitting the back of my head on the way down,” she said. This is where the plot sickens:

“None of the staff came to help. In fact the man behind the till (wearing glasses) said this has happened 5-6 times before,” says an outraged Mirchandani. “So the day after the accident, my daughter Pooja Vir called the owner, Farhad Bomanjee. The main interest in this call was to first check if he was aware of the accident and secondly to ensure that this does not happen again to others.”

“Pooja asked him if this had happened so many times before then why hasn’t he fixed it yet. The explanation he gave was that he has been trying to come up with a solution but didn’t know the best way. Then he said that it’s too small a job for an architect to take on. My daughter said that she could give him the number of an interior designer.”

What transpired is that they gave Bomanjee a number of an interior decorator. “We said that if he does not start work on the stairs within the week then we will have to file a report for negligence with the BMC.” After going through all this, Mirchandani was pretty certain that some measures would be put in place for customer-safety. But nada.

“Ma went there this weekend,” says Pooja Vir. “All they have done is add a non-slip strip on the steps and a flimsy sign. They didn’t show any interest in fixing anything else,” she added. When we called Bomanjee for his explanation, we took care to say that we were fans of his café and he assured us that he would respond to all allegations, which in the interest of fairness, customer safety and soy cappuccinos we will carry.

Incidentally, guess what the lane that houses the café is called? We kid thee not gentle reader, its called ‘Ropewalk Lane’!

Rohit in repose
For our money, this is perhaps one of the most stylish portraits of a fashionista in repose. It features the middle-aged enfant terrible of Indian fashion, the one and only Rohit Bal in Goa in the rains.

Rohit Bal
Rohit Bal

From the casual yet trendy slip-ons to the ink blue shirt matched with chequered Bermudas to the bottle of half drunk beer lying within hand distance, you gotta admit it, Bal has the style.

Incidentally, with his recently increased workload, which includes a tie-up with Myntra, a bridal advisory bureau and styled bungalows in Goa, how can Bal look so relaxed is a mystery.

Now Sake bombs!
“It’s cheaper than wasabi,” said a foodie friend about the menu at AD Singh’s Guppy by ai, which we had visited over the weekend and were impressed by.

AD Singh
AD Singh

“The black cod is sold at Rs 1,950. Wasabi does it for Rs 2,325,” he said about one of the standout dishes that we’d tasted, as good in our opinion as that at the Taj’s celebrated eatery Guppy by ai, which also served an excellent Japanese Pork belly and jumbo prawn (both at Rs 1,050).

“Over all the quality isn’t bad,” said our foodie friend, “they served the sushi rolls without soya so it was a little weird.” Will he return? Yes, most definitely, he said of the Olive at the racecourse “Last season it was breaking plates with the Thalassa pop up- this season it’s sure to be the Sake bombs!”

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