Mumbai blows hot and cold

Jan 03, 2013, 07:56 IST | A Correspondent

After witnessing the coldest day on Saturday, temperatures rise by 8 C in just four days

After the chills, comes the heat. After the city experienced its coldest day of the season on Saturday at 13.7° C, the temperatures have risen by 8°C within just four days.

While Colaba recorded a minimum temperature of 22.8 °C, Santacruz recorded a temperature of 21°C. Meanwhile, the maximum temperatures recorded at Colaba and Santacruz were 29.2°C and 30.6°C respectively.

Weather officials from the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) attributed the drop in temperatures to weather disturbances. “The drop in temperature earlier was because of a western disturbance that was approaching Jammu and Kashmir and another culminating over Rajasthan. 

Together, they were causing a chill in the respective regions, which was being carried forward to the city by northerly and north-easterly winds. However, on Wednesday, the minimum temperatures appreciably rose over south Gujarat region, north Madhya Pradesh and north Gujarat region causing the temperatures to rise here too.” 

But, it’s not all bad news. According to the IMD, there will be a slight dip of one or two degrees in temperatures in the next 24 hours. “The rain and thundershowers would occur at isolated places in the districts of Marathwada. Weather will be mainly dry over the region,” said the official. 

Doctors speak
Dr Anupam Desai, a general physician (GP), said, “Sudden variations in the temperature always leads to health problems. Throat infections, cough, cold and headaches are commonly seen in such situations. It is advisable that people drink boiled water and avoid outside food to protect themselves from bacterial infections.”

Dr Alka Deshpande, another GP, added that the fluctuations could increase viral infections and suggested that citizens consume nutritionally rich food and drink ample water. 

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