Mumbai blues

Jul 13, 2013, 01:00 IST | Kanika Sharma

Bombay Duck Designs' latest grind has churned out blue tarpaulin sheets as illustrations in the Blued Book. Kanika Sharma catches up with Sameer Kulavoor, the illustrator, who urges you to look at the city with blue-tinted glasses

Blued Book

Inspiration for Blued

It’s all over us flapping and taut, covering shanties as well as uber-modern spaces in the city. Sameer Kulavoor of the Bombay Duck Designs, found inspiration in the ubiquitous blue tarpaulin at 3 am in the morning while driving down Mumbai’s Western Express Highway.

Blued Book

Perhaps, because of empty streets or simply the way a design mind works, he took note of the truck carrying a helicopter wrapped in the tarp and embarked on discovering the city anew. Only this time, the camera’s lens provided him many sights for references for a year that he ultimately transformed into a book.

Blued Book

He shares, “The city’s sights are so hammered into our minds, that materials such as the tarp takes fresh eyes to see how it has been woven into our city’s fabric.” He relates a sail from tarp as the quirkiest usages of the colourful material.

Blued Book
Illustrations from the Blued Book

Blued Book
Blued Book, illustrated by Sameer Kulavoor, Bombay Duck Designs, Rs 1,150. Available at

Sameer Kulavoor
Sameer Kulavoor, designer of the book

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