Mumbai building collapse: Couple survives crash, loses son

Sep 29, 2013, 10:52 IST | Nigel Buthello & Iram Siddique

A visit to Ratnagiri saves BMC employee and wife; crash kills one son, another lies injured

Mumbai building collapse: The aftermath

BMC employee Manohar Gurav (55) and his wife had never had imagined that going to Ratnagiri to pay respects to the former's deceased father would save them from death. However, the couple, who resided in the BMC quarters at Dockyard Road with their two sons, cannot be termed fortunate - one of the sons is injured while the other was removed dead from the rubble.

Ganesh Gurav and his deceased brother, Nitesh
Ganesh Gurav (left) and his deceased brother, Nitesh

Manohar, who is a sweeper at Byculla market, lived in the building with his wife and sons Ganesh (22) and Nitesh (20). A few days ago, Manohar left for his village with his wife to attend a ritual of paying respects to his late father. Ganesh and Nitesh were both asleep at home when the building collapsed. 

Ganesh was rescued at around 12.15 pm on Friday, but Nitesh, who was sleeping in the same room, was found dead amid rubble on Saturday. Relatives have still not informed Ganesh about the death of his younger brother Nitesh as they feel he will not be able to cope with the loss. Ganesh suffered from a dislocated shoulder. “We were sleeping in the same room. How is it that I was found but my brother is still amid the rubble? I am sure he will be fine when they find him and we will recover soon,” said Ganesh.

Manohar rushed to city when he heard of the incident. He first visited JJ Hospital, where he learnt that only one of his sons was receiving medical attention. “My wife and I reached Mumbai on Friday evening and immediately went to the site where our building stood. We then went to JJ Hospital, and my wife stayed back with Ganesh. I rushed back to the crash site to look for Nitesh. Today I saw his body being taken out of the rubble,” said Manohar.

“Manohar once told me that he wished to avail of the Voluntary Retirement Scheme, and pass his job to his son, Ganesh. However, I told him that it would not be possible unless Manohar was involved in an accident that rendered him unable to work,” said Arvind Mahida, his colleague at the BMC. 

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