Mumbai building collapse: Hopes trapped under the rubble

Sep 28, 2013, 07:01 IST | Iram Siddique

Relatives of trapped victims stand at the site with photos and wait with bated breath for news, as officials continue to pull people out of the debris

Mumbai building collapse: The aftermath

For the 22 families that resided in the four-storeyed building at Dockyard Road that collapsed last morning, the painful process of picking up the pieces has already started. While some were grateful that they had escaped with minor injuries, some were not so fortunate, as they continued to pray for their loved ones who are trapped inside the debris.

Praying for a miracle: Suresh Makwana (inset), father of Baya Solanki, prays for his daughter and her family, who are still trapped

And even as officials slowly rescued people at the site, it was not all-good news, as some family members had to face the grim reality of losing loved ones.
For the Jhagade family, residents of the third floor, hope is slowly diminishing as the patriarch Sudhakar is still trapped in the rubble.

Arwind Mahida, Sudhakar’s co-worker, said, “He had told us that he was to go to Thane on Friday to help secure a job for his daughter. Now he is trapped inside and we don’t even know whether he is dead or alive. The officials are saying that a lot of people are still trapped inside and we just hope he is alive.”

Hope against hope
Similarly, other families and friends waited at the site for their loved ones, such as the Jadhavs. Anand, wife Chitra and their three children are still confined in the debris. But, his friends continued to hope against hope as they stood outside with their photographs.

The Solanki family, which includes Ashok Solanki, his wife Baya and their two kids, were also trapped. The family had moved to the building just two years ago and was initially living on the third floor. However, owing to renovation work, they had shifted to the first floor. Suresh Makwana, Daya’s father, said, “My daughter and her entire family is trapped. I don’t know what will happen. I am just waiting here. I don’t know what to think.”

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