Mumbai building collapse: Man loses sons, wife and mother in a day

Mar 15, 2014, 07:30 IST | Anuradha Varanasi

Anil Pardhi lost almost his entire family when the Shankarlok building in Santacruz came crashing down on the chawl where they lived; among injured was a woman who fractured her leg

Tragedy struck the family of Anil Pardhi, who lost four members of his family when the Shankarlok building adjacent to the chawl where they resided collapsed. The incident occurred around 11.45 am yesterday, and killed seven, including women and children, and injuring four, who were admitted to V N Desai Hospital in Santacruz.

Tragedy strikes: Anil Pardhi (in purple) was inconsolable.
Tragedy strikes: Anil Pardhi (in purple) was inconsolable.

Pardhi lost his sons Aditya (10) and Ayush (7), their mother Rajashree (35) and his own mother Sundarabai (66). The family had moved into this chawl recently.

itabai Kesarkar fractured her leg, while her grandson Akshay (below) suffered injuries to his back and leg. pic/Pradeep Dhivar
itabai Kesarkar fractured her leg, while her grandson Akshay (below) suffered injuries to his back and leg. pic/Pradeep Dhivar

Speaking to mid-day, his old neighbour Vinod Tamhankar said, “He used to live with his family in Shanti Nagar earlier, and shifted here a year back when his previous chawl went into redevelopment. He works with an outlet store of Asian Paints and was at work when the mishap took place.”


Another resident, Kantilal Patel (56), lost his wife Chandraben (46). “My wife is no more, and I’ve lost all my valuables and home. It is highly unfair that we should suffer because a family refused to vacate a building even after it was declared dilapidated by the BMC,” said Patel, referring to the two families that refused to vacate the dilapidated building. He works at a private petrol pump in south Mumbai.

Sudha Shreedharan (32), who stayed in the ground floor of the building, also died in the incident. She lived with her lawyer sister, Sandhya, and her brother, Satyam, who was injured. It was Sandhya who had got a stay order stopping the demolition of the said building. She refused to comment.

Her relative said, “She is now in a state of shock. Her brother who works in Abu Dhabi will be flying down for her last rites.”

The injured
Doctors at the hospital said that the injured mostly sustained minor injuries except for Sitabai Kesarkar (70), who fractured a leg. Medical superintendent Dr Pimple said her injuries were more serious than the others.

Sitabai’s grandson Akshay (21) was taking a bath in a washroom outside when he heard a loud crash. “My parents were out for work. As soon as I heard the crashing sound, I rushed in and tried to carry my grandmother outside, when a slab fell on us,” said Akshay, a TYBCom student from Chetna College. He suffered minor injuries on his back and leg. The Kesarkars had been staying in the chawl for 30 years.

Barking Brownie saved residents
Some had luck and a little bit of help from a four-legged friend. Prashant Jagtap (20) said he woke up only after his dog started barking barely a minute before the building destroyed his chawl.

His mom Rohini (35) sustained minor injuries. “My mother was just leaving the toilet and heading home, when she saw the building collapsing. My dog Brownie woke me up after which, I carried him and ran out the back door to pull away my mother from the debris falling around” he said.

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