Mumbai cannot lose out

May 19, 2014, 06:46 IST | Fiona Fernandez

Barely has the dot been phased out from our finger that we bore witness to a tsunami that has caused a change at the centre

Barely has the dot been phased out from our finger that we bore witness to a tsunami that has caused a change at the centre. Post the hysteria; now, it’s time for business.

The expectations are even higher what with a clean sweep where the city will send all six candidates from the ruling alliance. So just like many, we too drew up a wish list of what we’d like to see done for our beloved city.

Let us be: Above all, our freedom of speech and expression should not be tampered with. And the bogeymen who love to play moral police needn’t have to resurface either. This must reflect across our all our choices. We’ve seen some pretty shocking stuff happen in the past.

Safety for all: Our women have faced the maximum brunt’ while the rest haven’t been spared too. We’d like to see stricter rules and water-tight laws so the tag of ‘India’s Safest City’ can be flaunted once again.

Better infrastructure: We’ve had back-breaking, elbow-jostling and harried times, overall, as commuters. Citizens who use public transport, our roads and railways surely deserve better.

Despite paying the highest tax-paying city, we continue to receive step-motherly treatment as far as railway and national budgets are concerned. One hopes our voices and concerns don’t fall on deaf ears, again.

A cleaner city: Yes. We could do a lot better in this department that continues to be our bugbear. A swanky airport and stunning sea link will not take away from the picture at ground zero. Modi spoke of cleaning Varanasi and the Ganga; who’ll take up the mantle for the Maximum City?

Proud of our culture and heritage: We had to slip this one in. Let the city’s treasures be given its due and be well looked after. Civic sense cannot be taught, but imbibed. Also, for too long, we have lost out to big bro Delhi as far as grants for our monuments and heritage sites go.

This can be undone with the right minds in the right job. Coming to think of it, this reads like a pretty short list. But we’d love to see our elected representatives get down to work right away. Mumbai has waited too long, for too little until now.

The writer is Features Editor of mid-day

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