Mumbai: Captive Dalmatians continue to suffer as police delay action

Apr 16, 2016, 10:35 IST | Neha LM Tripathi

Marine Drive resident's aunt-in-law also gave a statement to cops on how he ill-treats his pet Dalmatians and Red Slider tortoise, but no action has been taken against him

There is no respite in sight for the Dalmatians and Red Slider tortoise cruelly held captive in a Marine Drive home. The animals remain in the same condition they were in the house of Nirmeet Solanki since mid-day reported on their plight 10 days ago (Meet Mumbai's Cruel de Ville).

The Dalmatians have been tied up at various spots inside Solanki’s home
The Dalmatians have been tied up at various spots inside Solanki's home

The Marine Lines police still haven't taken any action against the owner, Nirmeet Solanki, even after his aunt-in-law Maltiben Kapadia gave a statement on how the animals are ill-treated in his house. Kapadia also said Nirmeet unleashes them on her and her physically challenged son.

A case of animal cruelty had come up, after two locals saw Nirmeet kicking one of his Dalmatians at Marine Drive. Later, the boys then got in touch with Animal Welfare Officer Nandita Saigal and tracked down Nirmeet's home and visited it, only to find seven Dalmatians and one tortoise kept in the house in deplorable conditions. They went to the police station to register an FIR but the police only registered a Non-Cognisable complaint in the matter on March 25.

The cops have failed to take any action even after Maltiben Kapadia went and told them that Nirmeet does not keep the animals in a good condition. Saigal who has been constantly following the case with the Marine Lines police station said, "While speaking to Kalpana, I learnt that the dogs were not treated well or respected. Moreover, she expressed that Nirmeet often unleashed them on her and her son in order to scare them."

She added, "The local police have been informed about this and yet, there has been no action from their end. They have not even visited the home to check the condition of these dogs. It is the police who needs to go to the place and check the conditions of the dogs."

"They looked undernourished to me and their relative clearly expressed that food was given to the dogs occasionally. The police can go ahead and charge the owner with Section 289 (Negligent conduct with respect to animal) of the Indian Penal Code, but they have done absolutely nothing as of now. I have also written to the Deputy Commissioner of Police and the Commissioner, but there has been no reply from them as well," said Saigal.

'Nothing we can do'
Meanwhile, Popat Yadav, senior police inspector of Marine Lines police station said, "There is nothing that the police can do. We wrote to Bombay SPCA (Society for the Prevetion of Cruelty to Animals) informing them about the case and asked them to look in to it."

When mid-day spoke to Suresh B Kadam, assistant secretary of the Bombay SPCA, he said, "I am unaware of any letter that has told to be submitted to us. However, it is the police who could have taken action by taking a Local Act case instead of an NC, so that the complainant could have appealed to the court for their confiscation. NC is just document that says the matter has been noted."

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