Mumbai: Computer dealers conned by Mumbai man seek justice

Apr 20, 2013, 07:08 IST | Sagar Rajput

A day after MiD DAY published how Anand Sheth had conned three computer dealers by giving them bogus cheques, several of his victims, who had given up hope, turn up at Ghatkopar police station seeking justice

A DAY after MiD DAY published a report (‘Crook hunted victims using phone search engine’, April 19) about how Anand Dinesh Sheth conned three computer dealers by giving them bogus cheques for the orders, several of his victims gathered at the Ghatkopar police station yesterday demanding justice. These victims had lost hope of recovering the losses they had suffered after being duped by Sheth. Police officials said Sheth spent all the money he made by duping the dealers on alcohol and bar girls.

Anand Dinesh Sheth
Anand Dinesh Sheth

Police Inspector Rajkumar Kothmire of the Ghatkopar police station said, “Thanks to MiD DAY, we got calls from several police stations where cases had been registered against Sheth. Our message to various police stations didn’t meet with the expected response, the manner in which the story gave us. Several victims gathered at the address Sheth had provided them for delivery of the computer parts. From there the victims came to the police station.”

One of the victims, Ravi Deshpande said, “Sheth came to me through an old friend. Though I never trusted this man, I delivered 14 computers to Sheth because he had my friend’s reference. My delivery boys called me from the spot and said that there was something fishy about Sheth, and that he was reeking of alcohol when he had come to collect the computers. I immediately called my friend, but he claimed that Sheth was a trustworthy person.” Officials recovered three computers from Sheth and are on the verge of recovering more units. 

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