Mumbai cop chases bike-borne thief on another bike; nabs him

Sep 01, 2013, 05:33 IST | Nigel Buthello

Second cop following behind runs and nabs the man who had just stolen a gold chain from a 65- year- old woman

Unlike Bollywood movies where they are constantly bungling operations and chases, the city police proved on Saturday they could be proactive and quick when they want to. The benefactor in this case: a 65-year-old woman who had just seen her Rs 40,000 gold chain snatched from her neck by a bike-borne thief. Of course there was an element of luck too. The cops happened to be present on the spot where the crime was being committed. On Saturday morning two Mumbai traffic police constables managed to save a senior citizen from getting robbed, thanks to their alertness and quick response.

Traffic cops Navnath Ghate (left) and Durgesh Parate (right) nabbed the thieves who tried to run away with the gold chain. Pic/ Nigel Buthello

The drama
Here’s how the drama unfolded. At around 8.30 am Fancy Parmar (65), a resident of Parel, was walking down to the nearest bus stand to take a bus to meet her 88-year-old mother who resides in Khar. The area was bustling with people rushing to work. Suddenly a young man on a motorbike brushed past her and before she could react he had snatched her gold necklace, which she later said was worth over Rs 40,000 at current marketrates. “I did not realise what was happening. As the thief zipped past me I could see him holding my chain in his hand,” Parmar told SUNDAY MiD DAY. But luck was on her side.

Constable on duty
Suddenly another bike roared to life and gave chase to the thief. Traffic constable Navanth Ghate was on duty when he heard Parmar scream and saw a biker fleeing. Within seconds he gave chase. “As soon as I realised a woman was being robbed and the thief was getting away I began chasing him. In the chaos that followed, a BEST bus blocked the thief’s path, forcing him to stop. Taking the opportunity, I rammed my bike into the thief’s, thus knocking him down,” said Ghate.

Another traffic cop Durgesh Parate followed Ghate and saw that the latter was injured. But when the thief tried to run away, Parate ran after him and nabbed him with help of pedestrians, right outside Premiere Cinema in Parel. The thief was later identified as Azam Imtiaz Khan (21) who was then taken to Bhoiwada Police Station.

Khan confessed to stealing the gold chain as well as the bike (which he said he stole from Mahim the previous night). “I asked him why he stole the gold chain,” said 65-year old Parmar who rushed to the police station when she heard the thief had been nabbed. She will only get back her 12-gram gold chain after the initial investigations are complete but is happy that police nabbed the thief. 

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