Mumbai: Cop on cycle patrol nabs thief in Colaba

Nov 14, 2015, 07:26 IST | Saurabh Vaktania

Accused said he targeted a Swedish national as he was desperate for money to take care of his pregnant wife

A 25-year-old, desperate to arrange money for the medical expenses of his eight-month pregnant wife, tried to rob a Swedish national on Thursday night. However, the accused was arrested by a constable on bicycle patrol from Colaba police station. The accused has been identified as Kishor Kale (25), a resident of Sewri. He has been charged under section 392 of the IPC. Kale was produced in court and remanded to police custody.

A police officer from Colaba police station said, “Kale’s wife is eight months pregnant and he was desperate for money. She was due for delivery and Kale was looking for money. He did odd jobs in Colaba. He knew there are several foreigners in the area so he thought they were an easy target.” The complainant has been identified as Tinomen Lar Olavi (56), a resident of Sweden. Olavi is an engineer by profession and was in Mumbai with his family on a tourist visa.

According to police officials, the incident took place at 9.30 pm on Thursday. Olavi was passing by Yacht Club in Colaba. The accused Kale approached Olavi from behind, and snatched his bag. The bag contained Olavi’s passport, visa, credit card and over Rs 1,500. Olavi screamed for help. Constable Shankar Banagar who was patrolling the place on a bicycle nabbed Kale. He was taken to the police station where he was arrested, and all the valuables were recovered.

Constable Banagar of Colaba police station, who caught Kale red-handed, said, “I am with the cycle squad of Colaba police. The whole day we patrol on cycles. One of our important priorities is safety of foreigners.
Any untoward incident with them harms the image of our country. Therefore their safety is important. When the incident occurred, I chased the accused on my cycle. I pushed him while riding my cycle and he fell down.
I caught the accused and all the valuables stolen were recovered from him.”

Banagar added, “I felt really very proud when the foreigner (Olavi) thanked me. I will continue my work in the same manner.”

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