Mumbai cop saves 60-yr-old from falling off running train

Jun 11, 2014, 06:50 IST | Shirish Vaktania

60-year-old Mulchand Gangar tried to get on train at Virar station after running across tracks, but it started moving; constable pushed him out so he wouldn’t be dragged along

60-year-old Mulchand Shantilal Gangar has realised the danger of crossing tracks to catch a train after he almost lost his life. Luckily for him, head constable Mahesh Gosavi managed to push him out as the train started moving so he wouldn’t get dragged along and prevented a fatal accident.

Mulchand Gangar (60) has realised that his mistake could’ve cost him his life, had Mahesh Gosavi (above) not saved him at the last minute Mahesh Gosavi
Mulchand Gangar (60) has realised that his mistake could’ve cost him his life, had Mahesh Gosavi (above) not saved him at the last minute

The incident occurred when, around 9.15 pm on Monday, the Nallasopara resident left his office in Kandivli and boarded the Virar-bound local for home. The senior citizen dozed off and missed Nallasopara station, waking up only when the train reached platform three of Virar station.

Gangar told mid-day, “When I got up at Virar station, I saw that the 10.08 pm Churchgate-bound local was standing at platform one. Since I did not want to miss the train, I decided to cross the tracks and board it from the tracks side.

After crossing the tracks, I first threw my bag inside, but as soon as I started to climb, the train started moving. Thankfully, a cop, who was dressed in plain clothes, alerted me on time. He also returned my bag at Vasai railway station.”

Recalling the incident, head constable Gosavi of Waliv police station, said, “I was returning from duty and had boarded the train at Virar. I was standing near the door, when I saw the man trying to catch the train from the wrong side. Before he could climb up, the train started and he was unsure whether to leave the train or board it. I knew that if he had hung on to the train for long, he would have met with a major accident.

Let go
“So I pushed him out and ensured that he did not hurt himself in the process. I saw him fall on the other track and immediately called up the police to make sure he got treatment. I left his bag, which contained valuables and his mobile phone, with the railway police at Vasai station.”

Gangar was given first aid for the minor injuries he sustained, and was let go. “After this incident, I have realised that I made a huge mistake by crossing tracks just to reach home early. I request all commuters never to catch the train from the wrong side or cross tracks,” Gangar warned.

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