Mumbai cops hunt for man who raped woman by threatening to throw acid

Jul 16, 2014, 07:42 IST | Shiva Devnath

Meghwadi police have filed a rape case against 30-year-old who forced the survivor into having sexual intercourse with him by telling her he would scar her and her sister with the chemical if she refused

Almost three days after a woman wrote a letter to the Meghwadi police, alleging that a man had raped her on two occasions under the threat that he would fling acid on her and her sister’s face if she refused to have sex with him, the Meghwadi police have registered a rape case. The case was transferred to the Gorai police, since the crime occurred in their jurisdiction.

Aziz (30) allegedly followed the survivor’s younger sister and threatened to throw acid at her if the former didn’t meet him
Aziz (30) allegedly followed the survivor’s younger sister and threatened to throw acid at her if the former didn’t meet him

Police have registered a case under various sections of the Indian Penal Code, including Section 376 (rape), against Aziz (30), who allegedly raped the survivor on two occasions – once in Gorai and once in Kalyan. The 33-year-old woman met Aziz through his brother, who used to work at the same mall where she used to be employed.

mid-day’s July 12 report on the incident
mid-day’s July 12 report on the incident

Years of ordeal
mid-day had reported on the woman’s horrifying case on July 12 and how the woman has been bearing mental trauma for more than two years she met the accused in 2012. The two struck up a friendship and would chat on Facebook and WhatsApp.

However, Aziz, within a month of meeting the woman, began sending her ‘I love you’ messages. The woman then began ignoring his phone calls and messages and cut off contact with him. However, the man doggedly pursued her and sent her a slew of abusive messages, asking her to meet him or else he would throw acid on her face.

One day, he even followed her younger sister and called the survivor up, threatening to scar her face with acid if she didn’t meet him. Scared for her family’s safety, the survivor met Aziz in Gorai, who then raped her. To escape from his radar, the survivor a divorced mother with two children quit her job and even moved to Kalyan to her mother’s house and even changed her phone number.

But, the accused traced her and forced her to come out of hiding by issuing acid attack threats and also threatening to make public a video of them having sex. The scared woman met him again, and he raped her. All this while, the survivor never told anyone of the abuse she was facing.

Fed up of his torture, the woman even tried immolating herself but stopped short after hearing her children’s cries. She finally gathered enough courage to confide in her mother. Mother-daughter then went to the man’s family, who encouraged the survivor to go to the police.

In her complaint, the woman has alleged that the man still calls her many times and abuses her. Meghwadi police sources added that the accused is at large and his family members have no clue of his whereabouts.

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