Mumbai: Cops refuse to file FIR for doctor's stolen bag

Apr 27, 2013, 07:00 IST | Akela

Police officials tried to dissuade him from filing an FIR and instead registered a 'missing' complaint

Officials from Sion police station refused to file an FIR for a stolen bag that belonged to a doctor from Sion Hospital. The officials registered a ‘missing’ complaint instead, that too after several requests.

The incident occurred on Monday afternoon, when Dr Gaurav Jatin Kadakia, a senior plastic surgeon in Sion Hospital left his bag in the OPD (out-patient department), at his habitual spot. At around 1 pm, he realised that the bag, which contained a camera, hard drive and other electronics, was missing. After looking for it, Kadakia informed the security personnel at the hospital who suggested that he file an FIR with the police.

According to Dr Kadakia, the on-duty police officer asked him various questions about the bag and whether he had seen the thief. When Kadakia replied in negative, the officer said that as Kakadia had not seen the robber, the officials couldn’t file an FIR. After repeated requests the officials finally filed a ‘missing’ complaint, saying that if someone misuses the camera or other electronic goods from the bag, he can show the ‘missing’ receipt to prove that the goods weren’t in his possession.

“The police officer tried to convince me about the ‘missing’ complaint instead of the FIR, stating that if a terrorist misuses the camera or the hard drive, I can show the receipt claiming that these things were not with me,” said Dr Kadakia. The plastic surgery department in Sion Hospital is the only department that doesn’t have CCTV cameras. “Two days ago, another doctor’s bag was stolen in a similar manner but the doctor did not approach the police to register a complaint.

The Other Side
“I will look in to this matter. Please send the doctor to me tomorrow,” said BZ Gavit, senior inspector, Sion police station. Spokesperson for Mumbai police Satynarayan Chaudhary could not be reached for comment.

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