Mumbai Crime: 44-year-old convicted for killing wife and colleague

May 11, 2017, 06:02 IST | Sailee Dhayalkar

Accused had suspected his wife and colleague were lovers; stabbed them at his Sakinaka residence

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Mumbai's Sessions Court has convicted a 44-year-old man who stabbed his wife, one of his colleagues, who he suspected was his wife's lover, to death, and assaulted another.

The court will pronounce sentence today, police sources said. Shyam Inchal, the accused, is a resident of Sakinaka and worked at a club in Wadala. Rajendra Rane and Mitesh Ghonge were Inchal's colleagues.

A police officer said, "In January 2013, Inchal found out that Rane had been calling his wife, Seema. Inchal told him to come to Sangharsh Nag­ar, Sakinaka. Rane said he would bring Ghonge along. When Inchal met Rane and Ghonge at Sakinaka, Inchal questioned him about his calls to his wife and told him to accompany him to his place. When they reached home, Inchal confronted both his wife and Rane and during an argument, Inchal slapped his wife, Seema, and stabbed her."

The officer added that Inchal then stabbed Rane and attacked Ghonge too, but he survived with minor injuries. Seema and Rane succumbed to their injuries. Ghonge rushed to the police station and filed a complaint. Ghonge was also an eyewitness in the case and deposed before the court.

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