Mumbai Crime: NRI claims physio husband, family hit her when pregnant

Oct 19, 2016, 07:00 IST | Gaurav Sarkar

Newlywed Anjali Daryanani alleges that her husband and in-laws attacked her in a drunken state; demanded an extra Rs 1 crore cash from her family, despite already taking dowry of Rs 3.12 cr

(L to R) Anjali Dariyarani at her residence, Aditya Pardasany, Vriddhi Pardasany and Anusha Pardasany
(L to R) Anjali Daryanani at her residence, Aditya Pardasany, Vriddhi Pardasany and Anusha Pardasany

Little did 25-year-old Anjali Daryanani — an Indonesian resident marrying a prominent Bandra-based physiotherapist — know that this cross-country love story would not unfold the way she had hoped. Marital bliss aside, she claims that she was instead subjected to assault and agony.

In March this year, Daryanani and Aditya Pardasany were married after being brought together by a Pune-based matrimonial mediator. “It all started in the first week itself. I was made to do the cleaning, sweeping, cooking and laundry for the entire family, and yet have food thrown at me saying it wasn’t cooked well,” she claims.

She alleged that her mother-in-law Anusha Pardasany taunted her, ‘tujhe toh doctor bohot saste mein mila’. However, Anjali claims that this is not entirely true, as her parents had given jewellery worth R2 crore along with R1.2 crore in cash at the wedding.

But that was just the tip of the iceberg. “I had jaundice and advised to take bedrest, but even then they made me work like a maid,” says Anjali, adding, “This is not what I expected when I got married.”

Alcohol and abuse worsened
In May, Daryanani discovered she was pregnant. “My mother-in-law used to hit me on the stomach even though I was pregnant,” alleges Anjali. Things only got worse after their house caught fire and Daryanani's passport perished, along with most of the jewellery she had brought with her. “Even as she was hitting me, she said that since I was an NRI, I would not be able to do anything about my situation.”

She claims that even her husband, who initially believed her, turned on her after speaking to his family and under the influence of alcohol, also started beating her. “He’d hit me with a belt, or dumbbells, whatever was around,” she says, adding “Most of the time, I was forced to drink. Even on our honeymoon, he forced me to drink and then beat me up.”

On September 17, Daryanani says she was just dropped outside her parents’ house when they were on a visit to India, and given an ultimatum: Bring an extra R1 crore in cash, her new passport, and her educational degrees or not to return at all. On Sept 26, she filed a dowry and domestic violence case against her husband, his mother, and sister Vriddhi, at the Khar Police Station under relevant sections of the IPC.

Cop says
“The case is in court, and the accused has been granted interim anticipatory bail,” said senior police inspector Ramchandra Dashrath Jadhav, Khar Police Station.

Husband speaks out
When contacted, Aditya Pardasany said, “They are a family of fraudsters. We have been cheated into this marriage, and all the allegations against us are false. Any marriage can be worked on to solve the problems, but the girl’s family went to all our relatives’ houses and defamed us. We have proof of everything, which we will submit in court.”

Lawyer spells it out 
According to Ishwar Daryanani's (Anjali’s father) lawyer, close to 30 per cent of the jewellery had been recovered. “They were supposed to attend a ‘return of property’ hearing at the Sessions Court on Monday, but they haven’t even received the notice for appearance as they claim not to be in town. This is a tactic for harassment,” he said.

Some items that made up the dowry
Rs 3.12CR: Total dowry given at the time
Rs 22L: Diamond plated bangles
Rs 15L: Platinum necklace and earring set
Rs 10L: Gold necklace and earrings set for the mother-in-law
Rs 5L: 17 gold coins of 8 gm each

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