Mumbai Crime: 15-year-old gangraped at abandoned bungalow in Girgaon

Aug 04, 2015, 12:00 IST | Saurabh Vaktania

Cops say victim knows one of the accused; girl was spirited away to abandoned building by him and two friends; alert cabbie noticed their suspicious behaviour and told cops, who caught them red-handed

Three people have been arrested by the D B Marg police for the gangrape of a 15-year-old girl. An alert cab driver, who noted the suspicious behaviour of the accused at an abandoned bungalow near Girgaon Chowpatty, informed the cops and the accused were caught red handed by the police.

The accused were raping the girl inside the abandoned bungalow. According to police officials, the girl knows one of the accused. On July 31, the girl had met the person she knows near the Nagpada bus stop. Apparently a heated argument broke out between the two over an issue related to money.

Two of his friends were present at the spot, and intervened to stop the squabble. The accused according to the cops, all of them were drunk then offered to drop the girl to a nearby destination as they had two bikes in their possession.

Cop speak
A police officer said, “The accused took the girl on a bike and forcefully took her to a deserted bungalow near Girgaon Chowpaty. By turn, the accused raped the girl, while the other two waited outside the place and kept watch. It happened in the wee hours of August 1.”

The cabbie had noticed the three accused taking the girl inside the bungalow. A police officer said, “We received a call at 1.30 am regarding three boys entering a bungalow with a young girl. The bungalow’s security guard had stopped the three accused from entering but they told him that they are regular visitors to the place.”

Police said it was the guard’s first day on the job, so he was convinced when they told him they are regular visitors. All the accused were arrested on the spot and remanded in police custody by the court.

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