Mumbai crime: 17-year-old steals gold from friend's house to buy phone

Apr 04, 2014, 08:05 IST | Shirish Vaktania

Accused would visit his friend at his house almost every day and had been stealing gold from the family locker 

A 17-year-old boy has been arrested for stealing around 175 grams of gold from his best friend’s house. The accused had been removing gold from the family’s locker over the past few months. The family registered a complaint of missing gold with Charkop police who picked up the boy for interrogation, and later he admitted to the crime.

Gold for phone: The 17-year-old would sell gold stolen from his friend’s house for cash and buy new phones. representation pic

Both the accused and his friend are Charkop residents and study in the same college. The boy would visit his friend from time to time. However, since August last year, he started visiting his friend at his home almost on a daily basis.

According to Mahesh Kulkarni, API from Charkop police station, the complainant family would purchase gold every year for Ganpati festival and would later keep it in their locker at home. However, it was seldom locked and the keys were kept nearby.

In his confession, the accused said that he was not getting money from his family to buy a new phone and therefore decided to commit the crime. He would steal the gold and sell it for cash, most of which he kept in his bag. From the money, he purchased Samsung S3, iPhone and other expensive phones.

Once, while writing his exam, he had kept his bag with the gold outside the classroom, when the gold was stolen from him. He did not make any complaint, fearing that his crime would be exposed.

Meanwhile, the family grew suspicious of the boy, as he would spend a lot of time at their house. They registered a complaint about the missing gold with the Charkop police.

Kulkarni said, “We called the 17-year-old for interrogation and he admitted to the crime. He was arrested on Wednesday and produced in the court the next day. A small amount of the gold has been recovered and we are trying to trace the remaining that was sold by him.”

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