Mumbai crime: 22-year-old took to stealing to keep bar girl happy

Oct 09, 2014, 06:37 IST | Saurabh Vaktania

Serial housebreaker, who was caught stealing gold and cash worth Rs 11 lakh from jewellery store, said he had attempted a larger heist because his girlfriend would leave whenever his money was spent

A 22-year-old serial housebreaker was arrested by the Khar police after he was captured stealing gold biscuits and cash worth Rs 11 lakh from a jewellery store located in Khar. The history-sheeter has been charged with five other housebreaking incidents in Khar itself, and he admitted to stealing frequently to keep his lover from dumping him.

Mumbai crime: 22-year-old took to stealing to keep bar girl happy

Sukhlal Varpe, police inspector at Khar police station, said, “The accused has been identified as Zuber, alias Sameer Mohammad Khan, and was arrested at Malwani. All the valuables have been recovered. The accused is currently in custody.” One Nitin Devadiga, an associate who helped him to sell valuables, was also arrested by the police.

Zuber confessed to the police that he stole for his girlfriend, who is a bar girl. He revealed that she would only maintain relations with him as long as the money lasted, and would not even accept calls once it ran out.

So, he decided to attempt a bigger heist to solve the problem once and for all. However, after he stole from the jewellery store, he was identified from the CCTV footage of the shop, and was arrested.

A few months ago, Zuber had attempted theft at Dena Bank. He broke in and spent the entire night there, eating chocolates from an employee’s desk, and even sleeping till morning.

In the morning, when the guards opened the door and saw papers and other items strewn everywhere, they became suspicious. They locked him in and called the police, who caught him red-handed. Zuber was released on bail, but continued to commit other crimes.

Talented electrician
He has five other cases of housebreaking registered against him in Khar, where he is a trusted local electrician. A police officer said, “Zuber is a very good electrician and does his work properly, and, so, he is able to gain the victim’s trust.

As he is a good at his work, several shops and local residents recommend him whenever anyone needs an electrician. He properly studies the areas he visits before committing theft there.” The accused also possessed a plastic cigarette lighter shaped like a revolver, and according to the police, he would use it to intimidate people.

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