Mumbai crime: Arrested cop helped drug peddler girlfriend sell drugs

Mar 19, 2015, 12:30 IST | Vinay Dalvi

Crime Branch officials said that the woman used the Marine Drive constable for almost 20 years to supply drugs, store consignments, and ward off the police

The police constable who was arrested with 122 kg of mephedrone, was working as a middleman for his drug dealer girlfriend, who was using him to hide the drugs and sell them to patrons in seven-star hotels and elite clubs, investigations have revealed.

Baby alias Shashikala Patankar (left) and constable Dharmaraj Kalokhe met in 1997 when he was posted at Worli police station
Baby alias Shashikala Patankar (left) and constable Dharmaraj Kalokhe met in 1997 when he was posted at Worli police station

The Satara police had arrested Dharmaraj Kalokhe, mill special of Marine Drive police station on March 10 and recovered 110 kg of mephedrone from his home, known on the streets as MD or meow meow, which was recently brought under the ambit of the Narcotics Drugs and Psychotropic Substance Act.

Later, Mumbai police recovered another 12 kg of the drug from his locker in Marine Drive police station, along with opium. “Kalokhe developed a relationship with Baby alias Shashikala Patankar, a known drug peddler in Worli area, when he was posted there in 1997,” said a police officer from Crime Branch.

The woman used him for her benefit to supply drugs, store consignments and avoid cops. When Kalokhe started working in Marine Drive, she made contacts with some cab drivers who would stand outside prominent restaurants, and through them, she would sell the drugs to patrons of hotels and elite clubs that fall in the jurisdiction of Marine Drive police station.

According to police, recently the couple had some dispute over finances, and Patankar, who also works as a police informer from time to time when she wants to score brownie points with the police, decided to get rid of Kalokhe by getting him caught.

“For about 20 years, she took a lot of advantage of her relationship with the constable, like avoiding the police, getting her nephew who was charged for chain snatching out of jail, and even used the constable’s native home in Satara to store drugs. However, this time, when she dropped the consignment and left for Lonavla, she informed the police,” said an officer from Crime Branch.

However, Mumbai police did not get permission to carry out the raid outside their jurisdiction and the information was passed to the police in Satara, who seized the contraband.

During interrogation, Kalokhe claimed that he was trapped by the woman, and was supporting her only because he was in love with her. Cops revealed Patankar owns a one-acre farm in Lonavla, and four rooms in a Worli chawl. She also has 5-6 SUVs. Police are looking for her.

Covering all bases
On Tuesday, the Mumbai Crime Branch interrogated a bar girl from a popular bar in Tardeo. According to the police, Patankar’s son used to visit the establishment often and spend a lot of money on her. “We are trying to find all the information about her,” said a crime branch officer.

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