Mumbai Crime: CCTV footage from Ganpati pandal helps nab sex worker

Sep 15, 2014, 11:38 IST | Saurabh Vaktania

Woman, who killed constable Dilip Borole and set his body ablaze after wrapping it in a mattress, was caught on a CCTV camera asking members of mandal for the mattress a few days earlier

New details emerging in the gruesome murder of constable Dilip Borole have revealed that CCTV cameras installed at a Ganpati pandal in Santacruz (West) helped the police crack the murder case and led them to his killer.

Borole, who was attached to the Bandra police station, had been strangulated, and his partially charred body was found wrapped in a mattress in a hutment in Indira Nagar slums in Santacruz on Friday.

While a sex worker, Aarti Madhu alias Saroj Yadav (30), a native of Bihar, had been arrested the same day, police officials revealed yesterday that the CCTV footage had given them the clinching evidence, linking the mattress to her.

CCTV. Representational Picture

According to the police, Yadav had been in touch with Borole for quite some time and the duo had exchanged money, which led to frequent fights between them. While Borole allegedly owed her Rs 50,000, she had also taken money from him to rent a house in Sharma estate, Goregaon.

As Yadav was unable to return the money she owed Borole, she and her live-in boyfriend Amarnath, whom she was about to marry, decided to kill him.

For this purpose, she rented the hutment in Indira Nagar around September 5 and went to a Ganpati pandal nearby to ask for a mattress, claiming she had just moved in and needed something to sleep on. Members of the mandal gave her the mattress, and this was recorded on the CCTV camera.

“On Thursday night, Yadav called the constable to the hutment, gave him alcohol with four sleeping pills in it, and strangled him with a rope when he fell unconscious. She told us that she wanted to burn Borole’s body to ashes so he could not be identified,” said a Santacruz police official.

To this end, she removed everything Borole was wearing, set him on fire and fled. One alert neighbour, however, found smoke billowing from the room early on Friday morning, broke open the door, doused the flame and alerted the police.

When Santacruz police officials reached the spot, they found the constable’s body partially charred, with just the rope around his neck. The cops, however, immediately identified him as Borole had been posted with the Santacruz police from 2008 to 2013.

While call detail records pointed to Yadav, on asking aro-und, police found that a woman, who had moved into the hutment recently, had taken a mattress from the Ganpati mandal. They checked the CCTV footage, which showed Yadav taking the mattress, which was the same one that Borole was wrapped in.

“Armed with this evidence, we located Yadav in Goregaon, where she confessed to the murder. Borole’s cellphone, ID card, police belt, gold chain and finger ring were also recovered from her house.

Yadav, who is charged with murder and destruction of evidence, was remanded in custody till September 17. Her boyfriend, Amarnath, is also a co-accused and is wanted in the case,” the official added.

Twist in tale
Yadav told the police during interrogation that she is suffering from a deadly disease and officials are, thus, afraid of even touching her. An official, however, said she may have made the disease up as a ruse to avoid proper interrogation.

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