Mumbai crime: Father, 'husband' held for raping teen for a year

May 21, 2014, 06:11 IST | Sagar Rajput

15-year-old girl ran away from home in October to escape her rapist father; but tragedy struck again as the man who pretended to be her saviour raped her for another six months

“Every time he tried to rape me, he’d tie a scarf around my mouth to ensure that my screams were not heard in the neighbourhood. After every attempt, he threatened me into keeping mum. I was very scared.” A 16- year- old girl finally marshalled the courage to disclose to the police these ghastly acts of her father, who used her to vent his lust for an entire year, until she ran away from home, in October, just to escape his clutches.

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Mumbai man rapes teenage daughter

She was 15 when she fled home. But the world outside was no safer for her than the home she had come to abhor.

She fell in the hands of another predator, an auto driver in Andheri, who trapped her in a make-believe marriage and raped her countless times over the six months they would spend together.

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The teenager, who is now three- months pregnant, was rescued on May 16, after she called up her mother, who lodged a complaint with the Nehru Nagar police on Monday. Cops have arrested the two men.

The survivor said in her statement, “ Since the time I turned 15, my father has been molesting me. At nights he slept beside me and pulled me towards him while I was fast asleep. Initially I was naïve enough to believe that it was just fatherly love, but when he began touching my private parts, I was alarmed. One day, I told my mother about his behaviour and she confronted him. In front of her, he promised not to repeat his acts, but his harassment continued.” At times, the teenager said, her father would enter the bathroom while she was inside and flash his private parts. “ He attempted to rape me on three occasions” and because of his threats “ I never said a word about the horrifying act to my mother,” she stated.

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“ In the month of October, he finally succeeded in raping me. It was then that I thought that enough is enough, and left my house forever,” she said.

On October 25, the battered teenager spent the day at Kurla ( West) railway station.

Sub-inspector Sachin Wagh of Nehru Nagar police station said, “ The night after leaving her residence, she slept in an auto rickshaw parked outside the Kurla station.

The day after, when she was wandering in the area by herself, a 30- year- old rickshaw driver, Abbas ( name changed), saw her and asked her what she was up to.” He understood that she had no one to fend for her, and decided to exploit the situation.

He took her to his house in Andheri, where he stayed with his mother and three children. After offering her food to gain her trust, he started forcing himself on her.

When she resisted, he soothed her by telling her he would marry her, and then had sex with her.

A ‘ wedding’ did take place, but it was nothing more than a phoney ceremony. There is no official record of the marriage, and to trick her, Abbas merely arranged for a cursory ritual.

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After that, he continued raping her without encountering resistance.

Every time the teen told him she felt like talking to her mother, Abbas stopped her.

But on May 15, she called up her mother from a local PCO, and her concerned mother convinced her to return home. When the teenager spoke about this to Abbas, he brutally assaulted her.

The next day she met her mother any way and, for the first time, told her the reason why she left home. The horrified mother decided to register a complaint against her husband, after consulting her other relatives.

Police says
PSI Wagh said, “The case was registered at around 12 pm on Monday, and both the accused men were arrested by 4 pm the same day. The father, who is also a driver by profession, has been booked under section 376 ( rape), while the rickshaw driver has been booked under section 363 ( kidnapping), 366( A) ( kidnapping, abducting or inducing woman to compel her marriage) and 376 ( rape) of the Indian Penal Code. The two have also been booked under sections 4 and 8 of the Protection Of Children from Sexual Offences Act.”

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