Mumbai Crime: Gang-raped girl was to be sold into sex racket

Aug 28, 2014, 09:59 IST | Shirish Vaktania

The minor, who was kidnapped and gang-raped by at least seven men, had been brought to the city to be sold into prostitution; she had managed to escape her captors at Dadar

Investigations have revealed that the minor from Uttar Pradesh, who had been kidnapped and gang-raped allegedly by seven people, had been brought to the city to be sold into a prostitution ring run by a couple based in Malad. Police have also arrested one of the kidnappers from Jaipur.

mid-day’s report on August 26
mid-day’s report on August 26

mid-day had reported on August 26 on the brutal gang-rape of the 16-year-old, who had been kidnapped from her hometown and kept in a dark room.

She was then gang-raped by at least seven people, and the accused also took pictures of her and sent it to a customer in Mumbai. The girl had managed to flee her captors and lodged a case with the Borivli GRP.

Kidnapper caught
The man who kidnapped the girl, Mohan, was traced and arrested from Jaipur by the local Kalwar police there on Sunday. During interrogations, he revealed he was going to sell the girl.

According to the Kalwar police, “Mohan had kidnapped the dropout student on August 16 from outside her house. He then took her to a lodge and kept her in a dark room of lodge till August 19.

He also forcefully ‘married’ her and raped her. Further, at least seven people raped her in this room. On Sunday (August 24), Mohan and four others brought the girl to Mumbai, to force her into flesh trade.”

This sex racket is allegedly run by a couple from Malad (West), Bharat and Salma, to whom the girl was going to be sold. Both are not traceable. Mohan and his accomplices brought the girl to Dadar, where the girl guessed she was going to be sold into prostitution and managed to free herself of her captor’s clutches.

She ran to platform number 1 of Dadar and boarded a Borivli slow local. On spotting policemen at Goregaon station, she alighted there and narrated her story. Officials then took her to the Borivli GRP, since it is under their jurisdiction. Kalwar police had come to Mumbai on Monday, but failed to locate the accused couple.

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