Mumbai Crime: Man complains against drug mafia, gets thrashed

Feb 26, 2015, 07:36 IST | Saurabh Vaktania

The activist from Sion had emailed Police Commissioner Rakesh Maria asking him to take action against the drug mafia in his area; last Friday he was beaten up by 7-8 men, who he claims had come to kill him

A Sion-based activist who complained to the police about a drug racket in his area was allegedly beaten up by local goons. Incidentally, two weeks ago, he had written to the commissioner of police, Rakesh Maria, about the drug mafia in his area.

Manoj Mishra sustained grievous injuries on his head and hand after he was thrashed by local goons. Pic/Khushnum Bhandari
Manoj Mishra sustained grievous injuries on his head and hand after he was thrashed by local goons. Pic/Khushnum Bhandari

Highlighting the threat to his and his family’s life, he had specifically mentioned that his name should not be disclosed. On February 20, he was accosted by goons who thrashed him. According to the activist, the group had come to kill him, but he was saved by locals.

Manoj Mishra, a resident of Sion Koliwada, has been fighting against the local drug mafia for the last three years. According to the 34-year-old, the racket is being run by women.

“Over the years, I have registered complaints against them at the police station, and they have threatened me several times. They also move from one place to another to avoid being caught,” he said. Mishra said that in Sion, the mafia sells brown sugar.

“Wholesalers come to that area in the morning to deliver drugs and the retailers then sell it throughout the day. They are a terrible menace to society. A couple of months back, a 12-year-old addict broke into my office and tried to steal Rs 10,000.

I caught him red-handed.” On February 4, Mishra decided to send an email to the commissioner about the drug mafia. “I had mentioned the names of all the women and their associates. In the mail, I had also written in red letters, ‘it is my humble request to keep my name confidential, as it will endanger my life.’

I even sent a reminder mail after two days.” Less than a week later, Mishra was threatened through his friends to take back the case or face dire consequences. Last Friday, when the activist was returning home at around 9.30 pm, he was attacked by goons.

The group attacked him with beer bottles and paver blocks. The accused ran away when a crowd started to gather at the spot. “My life is in danger. They had come to kill me. Now I drop my daughter to school every day; I fear for my family.

Drugs are a terrible menace that is destroying our generation, and the drug mafia should be arrested. I’m sure they will kill me next time.”

Cop speak
Senior police inspector Sanjay Surve of Antop Hill police station, said, “We have registered the case and are close to arresting the accused. The case looks more like personal enmity than a case of drug racket. We are probing the case thoroughly.”

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