Mumbai Crime: Man stalks 12-year-old, gets a tattoo of her name

Feb 17, 2015, 06:49 IST | Sagar Rajput

The 24-year-old school dropout had been stalking the girl for the last two years; he was arrested by the Nehru Nagar police after he verbally abused her on Sunday night

A 24-year-old school dropout was arrested for harassing and sending love letters to a girl studying in Std VII. According to the Nehru Nagar police, the accused, Dhashrat Rajendra Harijan, had been stalking the 12-year-old for two years and had even tattooed her name on his chest.

Dejected after getting no response for his ‘love’, he stood outside the girl’s residence in an inebriated state on Sunday, and verbally abused her for ignoring his proposal. Senior Inspector Suresh Bhavar from Nehru Nagar police station told mid-day, “The family of the girl registered the case on Monday morning.

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When Harijan found out that a case has been registered against him, he surrendered to the police.” According to the police, while the accused knew the girl’s mobile number, he would convey his feelings through written letters, saying that he loves her a lot and that she should call him if she felt the same way for him.

He would add his mobile number in the letters as well. Harijan knew the girl for the last seven years, from the time he was employed at her father’s garland shop. After the 12-year-old’s father passed away two years ago, he started following her and sending her letters. “She was being harassed by the accused since two years.

On Sunday night, Harijan, in a drunken state, went to her house and started verbally abusing her for not accepting his proposal. The girl’s family got scared that he may harm her again in future. On Monday, they registered the case against him,” Police Inspector Vilas Shinde, from Nehru Nagar police station, said.

He added that they have also seized the letters which Harijan would send to the girl through young boys living in the area. The accused has been booked under Section 354D (stalking) of the Indian Penal Code and Section 12 (sexual harassment) of the Protection of Children against Sexual Offences Act, 2012.

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