Mumbai Crime: Man strangles daughter to teach girlfriend a lesson

Mar 13, 2015, 06:49 IST | Shiva Devnath

The police said the woman, a bar singer, would often come home late and he suspected she was cheating on him; drunk on alcohol and anger, he throttled their five-year-old daughter and then passed out

Looking to teach his live-in partner a lesson when she did not return home on time, an Andheri (East) resident strangled their five-year-old daughter to death under the influence of alcohol.

According to the police, the man suspected his partner, a bar singer, stayed out late at night with another lover, leaving him to take care of their child alone. Vipul Mehta (39) lived with his girlfriend, Nagma Shaikh, and their five-year-old daughter Piya at a second-storey flat in Sai Kripa Society in the Poonam Nagar area.

He had been living with Nagma for seven years, ever since he left his wife for her. In his confession to the MIDC police, Vipul revealed that he had long been upset over the late hours Nagma would return home at and the two would often fight about this. He said he had warned her to come home early, but she never paid him heed.

On Wednesday night, Nagma went to her friend’s house and did not respond to any of Vipul’s calls. In the wee hours yesterday, an intoxicated Vipul decided to vent his rage on little Piya. He throttled her, and, as the girl struggled, neighbours heard her screams and notified the police.

Senior Police Inspector Rajaram Mandge from MIDC Police station said, “Around 4.30 am, Vipul, who was under the influence of alcohol, throttled Piya in anger as he suspected that his wife was involved with other men.” When the cops got there, they found the girl and Vipul unresponsive. Nagma also returned home around this time and learnt about the incident.

The father and daughter were rushed to the hospital, but the girl was declared dead on arrival. It was discovered that Vipul had passed out as he had consumed too much alcohol. Cops said he had also drunk surgical spirit (also known as rubbing alcohol). After he was treated at JJ hospital, Vipul was placed under arrest.

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