Mumbai crime: Man suspected of drowning wife in water barrel

Feb 15, 2014, 06:00 IST | Shruti Sonthalia

19-year-old’s body was found at her Bandra (East) home by landlord; cops suspect husband, who has been missing

The body of a woman, who was brutally murdered, was found stashed in a drum of water in her house at Bandra (East) yesterday. The incident came to light when her landlord and his wife went to her house to enquire about her well-being, since she hadn’t been seen for two days. The landlord, Jaisingh Babulal Baghoria, then informed the Nirmal Nagar police about the discovery.

Reema Sheikh would go to her landlord’s house every day to watch soaps

The deceased, Reema alias Nazmeen Sheikh (19), stayed with her husband Dalim aka Muktalim Sheikh (22) in a small apartment in a building on Khatikwadi plot in Bandra. The landlord stays in the same building.

He said, “She used to come to my house to watch TV soaps every day. But for the past two days, she hadn’t shown up. That’s why I asked my wife to check on her.”

When his wife went to the Sheikh residence, she found it locked from outside. A strange smell also emanated from the house. The couple then broke the lock and saw Reema’s body in a drum full of water. “It was upside down, with the head at the bottom of the barrel and the feet upwards,” said Baghoria. The victim’s husband has gone missing.

The landlord immediately called the Nirmal Nagar police. An officer from the police station said, “Since the body had been in water for two days, it was swollen and stuck in the barrel. We had to cut the drum open to take the body out.” Cops then sent it for a post-mortem and also noticed a cut mark on her neck. “She was murdered by a knife or a cutter,” said the officer.

Extramarital affair?
The landlord hadn’t asked for any documentation or records from the couple, before he took them in as tenants. He only had phone numbers of some relatives of Reema, because she would use his phone to call them. After he contacted them, he obtained the details of one Anish Rehman, who was Reema’s cousin and stayed at Mahim.

According to Rehman, the couple was from Maldah, West Bengal. They had left the town in August last year. But he said he did not know that Reema was in Mumbai. The landlord speculated that Dalim suspected his wife was having an affair with someone and was pregnant. “We will confirm that after the post-mortem is done,” added the police officer.

Police currently have no identification proof of Dalim, the husband, and suspect that he was the one who killed his wife, since he has gone missing since the murder occurred. A parallel investigation is also being conducted by the Crime Branch.

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