Mumbai: LSD recovered from drug dealer's home turns out to be plain paper

May 08, 2017, 15:50 IST | Suraj Ojha

After recovering LSD worth Rs 2 lakh from two dealers, cops find mysterious package with dots resembling the psychedelic drug, but it turns out to be mere paper

The fake LSD dots recovered from one of the drug dealers’ homes.
The fake LSD dots recovered from one of the drug dealers' homes

What could have been a gigantic LSD bust ended in a short, non-psychedelic trip for the Anti-Narcotics Cell (ANC). Cops from the cell's Kandivli unit had arrested two drug dealers on May 2, and recovered a stash of LSD dots worth Rs 2,30,000. But their lucky streak ended there, as their recovery of 850 LSD dots post the arrest from one of the accused's home turned out to be nothing more than paper.

The trip began with the arrest of real estate agent Samson Denson Rozario (30) and student Rohan Raju Ovhal (26). The duo, who are druggies and also sell the psychedelic drug, were held with 46 LSD dots worth Rs 2,30,000. After their arrest, the cops went over to Rozario's home to check if he had more dope stashed away. He did, in a courier from London, which contained what appeared to be 850 LSD dots.

Dubious doobie
"We were overjoyed to recover the consignment. The consumer pays around Rs 5,000 per dot and according to this rate, the total amount of LSD was more than Rs 42 lakh," said an ANC officer. However, when the officers sent the samples for testing, they realized that the consignment was dubious. The stamp dots were nothing more than mere paper. When they questioned Rozario, he said that he had paid 10 lakh (the currency remains unknown) for the said consignment, but the dealers have cheated him.

Sources from ANC confirmed that most of the time, Indian peddlers who order drugs like LSD from abroad get cheated as they have inadequate knowledge of the same. The peddlers usually pay through Bitcoin, a form of virtual currency, which isn't entirely legal worldwide.

Friends in high places
In this case, Rosario, the main accused, used to order LSD from a London-based drug supplier. Rosario had been given the drug on a recent trip to Nepal. During the same trip, he'd saved a Jordanian tourist from some trouble with locals, after which they became good friends and the Jordanian began sending LSD to Rosario. The drug was sent to Rosario through a courier from Nepal. "We are inquiring with the courier company. Rosario and Ovhal are both drug users and have known each other for several years. Ovhal is pursuing an aviation course," said an officer.

Shivdeep Lande, DCP, ANC told mid-day, "We have found 1.3 mg of LSD in Rosario's possession and 1.2 mg in Ovhal's possession. We are investigating their international links and more associates who used to work with them in India and we're also finding if there is any link between a case which was busted previously."

The case Lande is referring to is another LSD bust which happened in March. The Kandivli Unit had arrested five youths and recovered 1,400 LSD dots worth R70 lakh. Of the five, one was employed as a producer at an entertainment company, while two were students at reputed colleges.

Original LSD dots recovered from the duo

Number of fake LSD dots recovered from the accused's home

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