Mumbai Crime: Senior citizen robbed by conman posing as cable guy

Jun 23, 2016, 18:57 IST | Asif Rizvi

He asked her to help him and told her to remove her jewellery to prevent electric shocks; he fled with the booty once alone

Yet another senior citizen was targeted by a conman after he posed as a cable repairman to gain entry into the 76-year-old’s house in Dadar, eventually making off with her gold jewellery.

On Monday, the unidentified man went to Kalidarshan building located at Baburao Parulekar Marg, where Asha Shete resides alone. He introduced himself as the repairman from the cable company and asked whether she was facing any problems because of the cable network. Shete allowed him in the house. He switched on her TV and told her he would need her help. He gave her a long wire and asked her to plug it in. He asked her to remove her jewellery claiming the metal could give her an electric shock. Shete removed her ornaments — a gold chain and bangles worth R3.5 lakh — and kept it on the table.

After a while, the man told her that he would need more time and suggested that she didn't have to wait with him if she had other work to do. Taken in by his friendly manner, Shete left him to his devices and headed into the bathroom.

It was then that he fled with her gold ornaments. That very day, the Dadar police registered an FIR for theft and cheating. “As described by the victim, the accused is around 32-35 years old. We are scanning CCTV footage from the surrounding area to locate and arrest the accused,” said ACP Sunil Deshmukh of the Dadar division.

Similar case
Just yesterday, mid-day had highlighted how several senior citizens in the city were targeted by another conman. He would find out which of them had children in the US and then approach them claiming to have come from there. He told his victims that he had bought new property and needed to ‘borrow’ their gold and silver jewellery to conduct a pooja (‘Conman who targeted lonely citizens arrested’).

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