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Nov 08, 2015, 07:41 IST | Clayton Murzello, Phorum Dalal, Benita Fernando and Anju Maskeri

The city — sliced, diced and served with a dash of sauce

Cricket's big US gig: A doosra view
Mumbai-based popular television commentator Harsha Bhogle got all excited the other day with a photograph of both teams — Sachin’s Blasters and Warne’s Warriors playing in the veterans Cricket All-Stars T20 series in America and expressed his excitement on Facebook. “Am working on the Test match in Mohali but would have been fun to be at this event. Many big names, but also many names that I have had the pleasure of getting to know well in recent times. How many can you get?” wrote Harsha about the picture.

Ravi Krishnan

The post evoked a lot of responses including one from a die-hard cricket fan, Ravi Krishnan. “Much as I love the game and admire each and everyone as a cricketer, and, I have most of them as my own idols, this whole event reeks more of a road show than cricket. I live in NY and have decided to skip all this. I will rather spend more and travel to watch a Test match and enjoy the game irrespective of the teams. I have been doing that since I moved to NY,” wrote Ravi.

Cricket memorabilia at Ravi Krishnan’s home in New York
Cricket memorabilia at Ravi Krishnan’s home in New York

For cricket-loving Indians living in New York, their Christmas has come early and hopefully they will treasure the experience of seeing greats like Tendulkar and Warne of course and batting greats like Hayden, Lara, Ganguly, Sehwag et al.

Meanwhile, our friend Ravi is sticking to his guns and we can confirm that he was not at New York’s Citi Field last night. He was at his Manhattan home, soaking in the cricket memorabilia he has collected over the years after shifting to New York from Mumbai. And his views came with a disclaimer: “This is my own personal feeling and opinion and do not mean to make it a debate or disrespect to this great bunch of modern cricket”.

No one should have a problem with another view, right? After all, a lot of those cricket stars in America can bowl a mean delivery which turns the other way.

Kemps Corner bar will drown your sorrows
Chef and co-founder of Restaurant Week India, Nachiket Shetye, will launch his new baby, Café Cubano, at Kemps Corner after Diwali, we hear.

Nachiket Shetye
Nachiket Shetye

This time though, he hands the apron to chef Rakesh Talwar of Spare Kitchen, and the eatery aims to be a neighbourhood bar-restaurant. The all-day diner will offer comfort food, dips into many cuisines — pizza on flatbreads, pastas and Indian too.

When coffee is your cocktail
It’s a good time to be in SoBo. Bunty Arora and Rishi Acharya, the men behind Tryst in Lower Parel and Andheri’s Brickhouse Bar and Cafe are launching a coffee-based cocktail bar in Breach Candy next month.

Bunty Arora
Bunty Arora

The duo has decided to call it Doppio (a double shot of espresso in Italian). “You wake up with a mug of coffee and generally have a beer or a drink and go to sleep. So why not mix the two and have your cake and eat it too?” says Arora, who has chosen vintage décor for the lounge. He vouches for the Garam Masala Espresso. If not that, then you could give Espresso Martini, Rum Capuccinos and Whisky Lattes a try.

No time to rest
When he’s not ideating on the future of online learning standard in the country, Siddarth Bharwani, the 29-year old director of Jetking, has other things on his mind.

Siddarth Bharwani

The young turk is producing a short film, Only Daughter, that discusses dowry in an urban set up. The short is being directed by filmmaker Srikant Kekare and will release in January. Meanwhile, Bharwani, who has been to more than 90 cities in India and 50 cities abroad, is also gearing for his fourth sky diving certification.

Inside out
Many Mumbai art aficionados had to be content with a glimpse of Gigi Scaria, who flew back to Delhi immediately after the opening night of his ongoing solo exhibition, The Ark, last month. Which is why we are marking our calendars for his next trip to the city for a walkthrough of his show.

But Gigi has more things up his sleeve, since he has been prepping for a massive public sculpture in the city of St Louis, USA. The Laumeier Sculpture Park and its new gallery have invited Gigi, who will draw inspiration from native American art for the exhibition. The 10-feet high sculptures will be shaped like totem poles inside the gallery, whereas the sculpture garden will have a massive 20 feet one, called Woodhunch. After the 2.5-tonne bell that he pulled off at the Kochi Biennale earlier this year, we’d say Gigi is scaling heights.

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