Mumbai Diary: Saturday Dossier

May 13, 2017, 08:04 IST | Team mid-day

The city - sliced, diced and served with a dash of sauce

Ranveer Brar
Ranveer Brar

Women, take the (food truck) wheel
Move aside Masterchef Australia. We will soon have a fun new reality food show to binge watch. Chef Ranveer Brar is all set to host a food truck reality show titled, Femme Foodies.

A scene from the anthem. Pic courtesy/YoutubeA scene from the anthem. Pic courtesy/Youtube

The premise: a group of 10 female contestants will compete with each other for a state-of-the-art food truck. Chef Anahita Dhondy and chef Shagun Mehra will join Brar in evaluating the contestants on vision, technique and creativity. The show will be shot in Goa.

To announce the show, the company producing it has created the Femme Foodies anthem, featuring Neha Bhasin and Bianca Gomes. With scenes of strong women riding convertibles into the sunset and embracing life, this song is just like Ariana Grande's Bang Bang.

Pic/Sameer Markande
Pic/Sameer Markande

Sisters in style
Siblings Sonam and Rhea Kapoor were spotted at the launch of their new clothing line in Malad yesterday.

Are you a super dog mom?
Mother's Day isn't only for women who have babies. If you are one of those pet parents, like this diarist, who consider their dogs their babies, then this video is a tribute to you.

Pic courtesy/Bark

The Dog Mom Anthem released recently, has been created by pet company Bark & Co, and features the hilariously-named T-Spoon and ZZtophalf. It's an addictive Hip-Hop number. Full marks for the props used, including a Crazy Dog Lady bag that we have our eye on.

The lyrics cover all the problems and quirks associated with being a dog parent - walking the dog in jammies, creating an Instagram account for the pet, being a dog masseuse, organising birthday parties, and spending on toys, chews and treats. Sample this verse: 'Don't need a man when I come home/Cause my bed is a literal bone zone.

Fall asleep to the sound of you licking your parts/ But you wake us both up when you're scared of your farts. Can't wait to wake up and do it over again. Say it with me now: Dogs are a woman's best friend'. They are indeed.

Stories from the womb
We all grew up listening to our mother's stories, from the time we were bouncy babies till we flew away from the nest. Now, ebook publisher, Juggernaut, is inviting readers to share their stories, inspired by an image of a mother and child they've shared.

Pic courtesy/Juggernaut
Pic courtesy/Juggernaut

The writing prompt they've mentioned is just Mother's Day but clearly, they want you to share memories of your mother, her stories and the special bond you celebrate. Winners will get to take home goodie bags. Go ahead, and be momma's girl.

Lorna on the sidelines
The sunshine state of Goa is currently hosting a Food and Cultural Festival, which, according to the state's tourism website, is held to "showcase the unique culinary aspect of Goa and the Goan culture and traditions through various programs and performances."

On the calendar are a slew of performances, of which yesterday's line-up had recently become a point of contention on social media, at least for the Goan community. Legendary singer Lorna opened for a Delhi-based Hindi Rock band, Antariksh, which left fans of the icon furious.

For the uninitiated, she is the singer on whose life Bollywood film, Bombay Velvet is loosely based. When the festival is being held in Goa, then why is a Goan legend and icon of the language and culture opening for a band that is mostly unheard of, her supporters asked.

One local added that at a similar festival, Lorna had also opened for actor-singer Farhan Akhtar. Our question is, what is a random Delhi band that sings in Hindi doing at a Goan cultural festival in the first place?

When Loev goes the other way
Just like its oddly-spelt title, LOEV is an unconventional queer love story about three men, directed by Sudhanshu Saria. The plot revolves around Sahil and his boyfriend Alex, live-in partners.

The dynamics of their love story change when Sahil meets his old friend Jai, and experiences a new intensity in their relationship, as they holiday in the scenic hills of Mahabaleshwar. The movie opened last year, and was released on a popular streaming portal last week. It was shot in secrecy over 16 days.

What makes the film unconventional is its poetic take on the nature of relationships. Most films that depict homosexuality talk about the struggle of characters but LOEV seems to have moved beyond the victim phase and shows the characters comfortable in their skin. Thankfully, in today's Pahlaj Nihalani-censored era, LOEV still finds an avenue on the web. More power and platforms to such path-breaking films.

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