Mumbai Diary: Friday Dossier

Feb 05, 2016, 08:38 IST | Team mid-day

The city — sliced, diced and served with a dash of sauce

The spotlight's on you, Sonam
All the hype around her blink-and-you-miss-it appearance in the recently released Coldplay track, Hymn for the Weekend, seems to be doing good for Sonam Kapoor.

Pic/Satej Shinde
Pic/Satej Shinde

She was her usual gregarious self when our lensman caught her in a moment recently, at a song launch event for her upcoming film.

Calvin Harris is coming...

Calvin Harris
Calvin Harris Delhi. Sadly, Mumbai fans of the popular DJ who made summer the coolest word in 2014, will need to hop on a flight or board a train in order to catch Calvin Harris’ act, scheduled for September 17. Do we see Dilliwallahs chuckling at Mumbaikars for missing out on this blockbuster gig?

Picture perfect Nagaland?
A cute image from the eastern fringe of the country has won over social media for now with over four thousand likes and three hundred shares.

The photograph in the community page, We The Nagas, shows a boy tying shoelaces of a girl at the Kohima War Cemetery in Nagaland and is accompanied by a long caption mentioning that status, personal freedom, respect of women in Nagaland is far higher than many other “civilized” parts of the country.

It goes on to substantiate it by quoting the National Crime Records Bureau on ‘Crime in India’, 2014, published in July 2015 which indicates that Nagaland is the safest state for women in India. Several people agreed and added their bits on the position and freedom of Naga women but some others were also critical and pointed out that there are several unreported cases of violence.

This diarist too had a short experience of being in Nagaland and can add that freedom and presence of women in public places and places of work is unparalleled and quite impressive for any outsider but one should also remember that women still can’t inherit property there, and Nagaland is yet to have its first woman member in the assembly.

Mumbai on Thursday, Delhi on Friday
India’s chairman of cricket selectors Sandeep Patil watches the Bengal vs Madhya Pradesh Ranji Trophy quarter-final from the Anandji Dossa Reference Library of the Cricket Club of India at Churchgate yesterday.

Sandeep PatilSandeep Patil

Today, Patil will be the centre of attraction in the Capital where he and his fellow selectors will pick the Indian team for the ICC World Twenty20 to be held in India next month. Incidentally, Patil coached and mentored Madhya Pradesh in the 1980s and 1990s.

As for the Cricket Club of India, this diarist can remember him playing for the iconic club till the early 1990s. No wonder Patil appears to be at home. Pic/Atul Kamble

Read the fine print
The pro-marijuana legalisation team has been going strong in many countries. And one enterprising Mary Jane lover in the city has been printing discreet stickers, like the one that this diarist spotted in Bandra.

Of all places, it was pasted on a no-parking signboard. It read: ‘NO SMOKING, Unless It’s GOOD shit’. Talk about smoking-hot signage.

PS: mid-day doesn’t endorse the use of drugs

Grooviness from Sri Lanka
This one’s for those who are bored of dancing to assembly-line EDM tracks at city pubs. Tonight, groove to Sri Lankan-inspired sounds as Emanuel, an artiste from the island nation, heads to Bandra’s Bonobo for a gig by Krunk Live.

Emanuel at Luna Terrace
Emanuel at Luna Terrace

Along with Detroit Techno, ’80s Disco, Eastern Jazz and Hip Hop, the DJ and founder of Luna Terrace — an infinity pool bar in the southern part of the island — will also mix Indian music to his sets. Emanuel’s supporting act is for the launch of Kumail Hamid, a 22-year-old music producer’s album, Links.

“Kumail is an amazing young musician and DJ, one to look out for. I try to mix genres and styles, and strive to deliver emotion and soul, expressed and shared through music I love,” he says. To know more about Sri Lanka’s music scene, read the full interview with Emanuel in the mid-day’s February 8 edition.

Sona's got something to say

Pic/Satej Shinde
Pic/Satej Shinde

Sonakshi Sinha seems to have something important (and funny, we think) to say to someone in the audience as Anil Kapoor chuckles along.

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