Mumbai Diary: Friday frolics

Aug 14, 2015, 08:32 IST | Hemal Ashar, Suprita Mitter, Fiona Fernandez

The city — sliced, diced and served with a dash of sauce

Suicidal singles?
In a recent attempt to book tickets to the touristy Elephanta Caves, this diarist was told that tickets would not be issued to her if she were travelling alone.

Boats headed to Elephanta anchored at the Gateway of India
Boats headed to Elephanta anchored at the Gateway of India

The person at the counter further explained that, “Since you can never be sure what the state of mind of a person travelling alone is, he or she can always choose to jump from the boat. If they are accompanied by someone, the chances of such unfortunate events are reduced.” Really? Beware solo travellers!

Squash to show you care
It is squash with a heart as Mumbai’s tony Bombay Gymkhana club is set to host Squash-a-Mile. This is a fundraiser event for the V Care Foundation which works in the field of cancer. The Squash-a-Mile (SaM) is an initiative of the squash fraternity, to be held on August 23 from 10 am to 12.30 pm at the Bombay Gymkhana squash courts.

It consists of a run of a mile-long (1.6 km) shuttle-run between the front and back walls of the squash court measuring 9.75m, equating to 165 lengths of the court in total. Participants will then raise pledges as they donate towards V Care Foundation.

For example, a mother may pledge an amount towards charity, while her daughter takes part in the run. The initiative is being fuelled with young energy in the form of foursome Riddhi Sampat (16), Sireena Divecha (17), Rhea Advani (19) and Rohaan Advani (18).

The quartet wants to outdo last year’s collection of Rs 11.7 lakh donated to the foundation. Last year, saw an absolute age spectrum of participants, the youngest was two years-old while the oldest was 81. There were 235 participants last year and 105 completed the mile.

This year, donations may be made in cash, or by cheque in favour of ‘V Care Foundation’. To know how to convert a lazy Sunday morning to something much more by pledging a donation, contact Riddhi Sampat (9769244590) or Sireena Divecha (9821685566)

Break it like Govinda!
Gokulashtami falls on September 6, and we have realised that the zeal and enthusiasm of the famous Dahi Handi festival is highest among brands and the public relations fraternity. Recently we received an invite from a popular energy drink brand, that read, Break it like ‘Govinda’.

The festival has gone the corporate route for a while now. Pic/Satyajit Desai
The festival has gone the corporate route for a while now. Pic/Satyajit Desai

On August 30 (a week prior to Gokulashtami), 24 courageous teams will perform staggering feats and challenge each other at making the fastest, tallest and strongest human pyramids. The aim of the branded event will be to promote Dahi Handi as a safe sport.

Bandra Govinda Utsav Mandal along with the beverage brand will be introducing safety gear and will ensure proper training is given to reduce injuries associated with the sport. The mail also mentioned that the Maharashtra Government is in the process of recognising it as an adventure sport. We hope such publicity stunts will give the sport wings.

Ready for the Pandeymonium?
Early in July, we had mentioned on this page of overhearing that adman Piyush Pandey was ready with his book. Well, now we have a dekko of the cover.

Published by Peguin Random House, it has Pandey speak of his influences from his early days in Jaipur, and of being a Ranji cricketer as well as lessons in advertising. We can’t wait to read about one of India’s most creative minds when the book will hit stands in October.

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