Mumbai Diary: Monday Dossier

Mar 14, 2016, 09:15 IST | Team mid-day

The city — sliced, diced and served with a dash of sauce

Mumbai and its favourite wallahs
Quiz true-blue Mumbaikars about the most important people in their lives, and you can bet that autowallahs, dabbawallahs and chaiwallahs will feature prominently.

A kettle and an autorickshaw installation at the Kanakia Zillion art gallery in BKCA kettle and an autorickshaw installation at the Kanakia Zillion art gallery in BKC

Paanipuriwallas and bhelpuriwallas may also top the chaats (pun intended). The city is incomplete with its ‘wallahs’ and what better way to thank them than to have a grand art gallery filled with photographs and installations that tell their stories?

The Kanakia Zillion building at BKC has 27,000 pictures taken by amateur photographers that are now on display. As part of the Mumbai Meri Jaan contest, the space also sports giant-sized installations including chai kettles and autorickshaws.

The walls of the building are plastered with these slice-of-Mumbai frames that celebrity photographer Atul Kasbekar has shortlisted from over three lakh entries. With free entry and open all through, it might be a good idea to drop by for a dekko of the souls who make the city tick and click.

From cops to calendar models
The Mumbai cop is integral to our cityscape. And while us, and them go about our daily lives, often, their contributions goes unnoticed.

Frames from the Mumbai Police calendar 2016
Frames from the Mumbai Police calendar 2016

Photographer Pravin Talan is out with a calendar that captures different, lesser-seen sights as a salute to those who help keep us safe — from the traffic cop and the coast guard to the hawaldar and the sniffer dog.

His ode puts them at the centre of every frame to highlight the action, emotion and extent of their presence in our lives. Last year, Talan had shot the 50 Years of BSF calendar where he travelled to 37 border outposts across India. Our salaam to this initiative.

Lara was wowed, and Ravi wants a new name
The World Culture Festival seems to have raked up all kinds of debates and discussions, with fans and critics getting vocal with their stance on the gala event organised by Art of Living founder Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

Lara Dutta Bhupathi and Ravi Subramanian
Lara Dutta Bhupathi and Ravi Subramanian

Lara Dutta Bhupathi gave it a double thumbs up by posting a photo of her at the big-ticket do, on Twitter. Meanwhile, back in aamchi Mumbai, banker-writer Ravi Subramanian known for his biz thrillers, posted on Facebook that henceforth, he’d like to be called ‘Sri Sri Ravi S’. More like the title of his next book, we think.

The politics of khakhra
Before you jump to any conclusions, the ruling party has not set up a snack business.

After a city-based tea maker began selling NaMo tea to cash in on the ‘Chai pe Charcha’ campaign, we came across BJP khakhra in Dombivli, thus completing the evening snack package. The acronym stands for Bajra, Jowar and Palak. Who’s next to latch on to this politico-foodie wave?

Football rock n’ roll
Football freestyle champion Archis Patil held a clinic for kids at the Torba turf in Juhu over the weekend.

Pic/Datta Kumbhar

Paying close attention to the Mumbai boy’s deft dribbling and tricks with the football, the bachchas also had a go with the football. If you’d like to see more of Patil’s gravity-defying moves with the football from the clinic, log on to

Tonight, the moon will hide a star
Occasionally, our acquaintances at Nehru Planetarium make our day with trivia about all things celestial. Here’s another reason to indulge in a session of skygazing. Tonight, the Moon will hide one of the top 20 brightest stars, Aldebaran (Rohini Nakshtra) behind it.

The event will occur close to 8 pm across India’s skies, and will be visible only from the northern part. Called occultation, no telescope is needed to see the event and it will be visible to the naked eye. How about taking a head’s up tonight?

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