Mumbai Diary: Monday Dossier

Feb 20, 2017, 10:50 IST | Team mid-day

The city — sliced, diced and served with a dash of sauce

Shabana Azmi is ready for the UK
After completing 100 shows recently, the Shabana Azmi-starrer Broken Images is all set to make its debut in the UK on March 12, to mark International Women's Day.

Shabana Azmi
Shabana Azmi

The organisers, Baithak UK and the Bagri Foundation, will present the play at the Logan Hall in London. Broken Images, which features Azmi in a double role, has been written by acclaimed playwright and actor Girish Karnad, with Alyque Padamsee as its director.

The play revolves around a Hindi short-story writer, who gains fame by penning a best seller in English. The author, who begins to question herself on betraying her language and identity, faces her own image that becomes an inquisitor.

Chef Mini creates a maxi meal for a day
Before making a foray into showbiz, Mini Mathur was an advertising professional with an MBA and a bachelor's degree in English literature. So, we weren't surprised to see her at a conference of brands, agencies, and media companies held in Jaipur recently.

Mini Mathur

What did surprise us was the stall of Kulle ki Chaat that she adeptly manned at the venue. A popular snack from the streets of Delhi that marries the flavours of boiled potato, fruit, tamarind and chickpeas, Mathur's creations looked authentic and delish. Going friend Maria Goretti's way?

Floyd's list of easy s#*t
When friendship precedes business partnership, it shows. While packing his bags over the weekend before leaving for New York, chef Floyd Cardoz was handed this thoughtful list by Yash Bhanage, founder of a popular Lower Parel restaurant, where Cardoz is the culinary director. Knowing his love for all things Goa, we like how items from the sunshine state feature on the sheet of paper with a rather amusing title.

Floyd Cardoz

This wasn't the only parting gift Bhanage gave to Cardoz, who was on his quarterly visit to Mumbai — the chef's last meal in the city was at Bhanage's residence, where he was treated to a sumptuous-looking Maharashtrian mutton curry and nariyal paani.

When a publisher decides to show off!
What does the library of a book publisher who has been in the field for donkey's years look like? We found an answer to this question when Chiki Sarkar was in the midst of moving apartments over the weekend.

Chiki Sarkar

She posted a picture of her collection waiting to find its place on the book shelves lining the walls of her new home, saying, “I've stacked up a lot over the years!”

Well, that's just an affirmation of being in the right profession.

Cyrus on debut
…or at least, that's what we think, going by his caption for a photo that he posted to mark his debut on Instagram. His post, aptly calls out only to dentists to react.


With Broacha's brand of humour, we can expect laughs galore from this account.

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