Mumbai Diary: Monday musings

Apr 13, 2015, 08:32 IST | Hemal Ashar, Maleeva Rebello

The city — sliced, diced and served with a dash of sauce

Yes to no mess
The young people of Chakala in Andheri (E) took to the streets to create awareness about driving and riding safely, keeping the surroundings clean and not running across the roads. Armed with posters and placards around 100 youngsters between 15 to 25 created awareness about road safety and cleanliness.

Keep it clean, keep it green
Keep it clean, keep it green

The Holy Family parish, Chakala organised Magis, a programme that focused on spiritual and environmental awareness which included sweeping of the area near Western Express Highway metro station, helping the traffic police regulate the traffic near the Chakala church-Mahakali junction besides other community service initiatives.

Seeing youth out and about spreading messages will surely inspire pedestrians and motorists. It will also motivate people to keep their surroundings clean. Magis was conducted from Thursday and concluded yesterday at Holy Family parish with more than 100 youngsters attending the event.

Toll talk
We hear that Mumbai’s Western India Automobile Association (WIAA) is clapping loud and long at the scrapping of toll at 80 plazas across Maharashtra. The WIAA says, “We are happy with the Chief Minister’s initiative to scrap toll at 80 plazas in Maharashtra.”

WIAA has been requesting the State Government to scrap toll at the plazas for a long time, as it is a waste of time and precious fuel. They had asked for toll to be scrapped at Vashi and Kharghar, as well. “It takes more than 20-30 minutes to clear the toll naka so the advantage of using the Sea Link does not arise.

To have toll in the city is not justified at all because of the waste of time and fuel, lesser people are using the Sea Link. The Mumbai-Pune Expressway was built to reduce time but the toll naka at Vashi takes a long time to clear and the newly introduced toll naka at Khargar is also taking a lot of time." That’s WIAA, having its say.

Eye on evenings
Call it sundowners or call it night racing or late evening racing. Or even racing with a twist. In an age of pithy descriptions and snappy one-liners, coin your very own for the Royal Western India Turf Club’s new initiative, which is Cambay Tiger sundown racing at the Mahalaxmi.

Dr Ram Shroff (r) with RWITC chairman K Dhunjibhoy at the press conference to announce the night racing trials at Mahalaxmi. Pic/Bipin Kokate
Dr Ram Shroff (r) with RWITC chairman K Dhunjibhoy at the press conference to announce the night racing trials at Mahalaxmi. Pic/Bipin Kokate

Trials for evening racing take place on the coming weekend, i.e. April 18 and 19 at Mahalaxmi. If the experiment is successful, evening racing will commence in the new Mumbai racing horse racing season which will be held in November, this year. This is one going to be a one-off trial, stated Dr Ram H Shroff, Chairman, Night Racing Working Group, at a press conference held at Mahalaxmi on Saturday, April 11 afternoon.

Both RWITC chairman K Dhunjibhoy and Dr Shroff emphasized that this was a first off trial, “So there just may be some glitches. Spare us,” laughed Dr Shroff appealing to the media. Shroff also stated that “Overall, the response has been very positive within the committee room.

There have been some sceptics though. As a man of medicine, I am not a doctor by profession really, I own a pharmaceutical company, I can only say to the sceptics; be positive, it is good for your heart,” he said to laughs. We say: Positive we are, let us light up the night with racing.

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