Mumbai Diary: Monday musings

Oct 05, 2015, 08:16 IST | Clayton Murzello, Dipanjan Sinha and Fiona Fernandez

The city — sliced, diced and served with a dash of sauce

A new Jazz order
After having toured the world, and performed alongside icons like Shubha Mudgal, and creating marvellous fusion projects with sarangi exponent Suhail Yusuf Khan, Jazz guitarist Aditya Balani will now show off his strumming skills to Mumbai’s aficionados.

Aditya Balani gives the genre a heady mix-up
Aditya Balani gives the genre a heady mix-up

Incidentally, Balani has also composed a track (Abr e Karam) for the Martin Sheen, Kal Penn, Rajpal Yadav starrer, Bhopal: A Prayer For Rain. The singer-songwriter has just released a four-track EP called Constants and Variables, and one can expect a showcase of these tracks when he performs in the city on October 7.

After hearing a teaser from the EP, the diarist found the confluence of Alternative Rock, Pop and a dash of Electronic to be quite groovy. A new Jazz Age, perhaps?

If wisdom grew more trees
We liked this invaluable piece of wisdom posted on the Facebook page of a Bombay Natural History Society member. These lines could inspire a green version of John Lennon’s cult classic, Imagine, perhaps. Songwriters, listening?

A West Indies cricket museum in India?
A little birdie tells us that the owners of a West Indies cricket museum in Grenada are finding it hard to sustain their cricketing tourist attraction out there and are looking for buyers in India and the United Kingdom.

Garry Sobers at the Oval in London in 1966. Pic/Getty Images
Garry Sobers at the Oval in London in 1966. Pic/Getty Images

We learn that the West Indies Cricket Heritage Centre (WICHC) which displays an array of collectibles not just restricted to West Indies cricket, is batting on an uneven pitch as it were and offers have been sent to at least two cricket organisations in India.

They have not reached the negotiation stage, but, like in the game of cricket, you never rule out anything. Although the Indian cricket board is yet to set up its museum, there are a few cricket lovers in India who have extremely impressive house museums and the one in Pune called Blades of Glory attracts wholesome appreciation from all who visit it.

This diarist got access to a recent email sent out by one of the museum officials at Grenada to a member of the West Indies fraternity, who has good contacts in India. The email stated the need for them “to find a new home for this most important resource centre for Cricket writers, researchers, historians, anthropologists, students and all who are interested in the history of the game.”

So, if in the future, you get to see the maroon blazer worn by Sir Viv Richards during his illustrious career or a cricket bag which was used by Sir Garfield Sobers, displayed in an Indian museum, remember, you
first read about it here.

A Ray of inspiration
Nemai Ghosh, known as Satyajit Ray's photographer, had captured over a 100 thousand moments of Indian cinema. Stars, starlets and famous characters from films feature uniquely in his collection, including Ray in his different moods.

A photo of late cine legend Suchitra Sen by Nemai Ghosh
A photo of late cine legend Suchitra Sen by Nemai Ghosh

For several years, the collection of this octogenarian had no takers and was only acquired by Delhi Art Gallery in 2006 and later, digitised. These evocative slices from Indian film history will be on display at Dr Bhau Daji Lad Museum in the exhibition, Nemai Ghosh: Satyajit Ray and Beyond, starting October 8.

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